Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s crazy child support agreement has been revealed

Kim Kardashian vs. Kanye West (Instagram photo/ Kim Kardashian, Wikipedia)

Kim Kardashian and Ye, the well-known rapper formerly known as Kanye West, have reached a divorce settlement that includes joint custody of their four children and the division of their real estate assets, it was reported last night (Tuesday) in the American media.

Although they will have joint custody of their children, ages 3, 4, 6 and 9, Kardashian will receive $200,000 a month in child support since they will spend most of their time with her, the New York Post reported. The celebrity couple married in 2014, and Kardashian filed for divorce last year, citing irreconcilable differences.

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Ye has courted controversy in recent months by publicly ending major label ties and lashing out at other celebrities on social media. His Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted, with the social media platforms removing some of his posts that users condemned as anti-Semitic.

A meeting last week between Yeh, Donald Trump and white supremacist Nick Fuentes drew rare Republican criticism of the former president. Details of their divorce settlement were reported by several media outlets, citing Los Angeles County Superior Court documents. One section states that parents must agree on which school the children will attend and other decisions involving treatment, counseling or religious activities, the Post said, citing the court document.

The children will not be allowed to travel more than 60 miles (100 km) from Kardashian’s home in Hidden Hills near Los Angeles until they graduate high school or turn 19, the Post reported. Each parent will have access to the children on their birthdays and on special occasions others, the post said.

Ye agreed to transfer the Hidden Hills property to Kardashian, who will also retain properties in Malibu and Riverside, California, and Harrison, Idaho, it was reported. Neither party will pay alimony to the other spouse, and they will each pay their own debts, Sky News reported. They will share the cost of their children’s private security, schooling and university.

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