Kanye West in a surprising post on Instagram: “I love Jews again”

Kanye West in a surprising post on Instagram: “I love Jews again”

Rapper Kanye West, who lost access to his social media accounts (temporarily), his brand deals, and 50% of his financial worth due to numerous anti-Semitic comments a few months ago, surprised this morning (Saturday) with a new Instagram post declaring that he “loves Jews again “.

West shared his first post with his 18 million followers since his account was reinstated. The Instagram post in question is a picture of the poster of the movie “21 Jump Street”, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, and is accompanied by a short caption: “Watching Jonah Hill in ’21 Jump Street’ made me love Jews again “. “No one should be angry at one or two people and turn it into hatred towards millions of innocent people,” he continued.

“No Christian can be labeled as anti-Semitic knowing that Jesus is Jewish,” the rapper wrote. “Thank you Jonah Hill, I love you.” West’s Instagram post garnered over 35,300 comments in just four hours, with comments ranging from supporting the rap to mocking him, to how many people were seemingly just confused.

“You should watch Schindler’s List next time,” one user wrote, while another wrote: “So you’re telling me all this time, all you had to do was watch ’21 Jump Street’?”.

In one of his anti-Semitic rants in October 2022, West blamed “Jewish Zionists” for stories about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson, whose father was of Jewish descent. “These are the Jewish Zionists who are busy with their lives,” he said at the time.

In a similar vein, West again made sweeping anti-Semitic comments about Jews when he talked about Jewish American Apparel owner Dov Charney, who refused to print shirts designed by the rapper. “It’s because he’s Jewish, and that’s my exact point,” West said of Charney. “The Jews owned the black voice. Whether it was us wearing Ralph Lauren’s shirt, or an artist on a Jewish executive’s record label, or a player on a Jewish basketball team, or a film director on a Jewish platform like Disney,” he continued.


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