Karim Benzema to return to France national team?; Report

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It is reported that the superstar Karim Benzema can return to the French national team. According to the report, Benzema could join the team if Zinedine Zidane becomes the coach of the French team. The information was shared by Vincent, a sports journalist.

There were earlier reports that Benzema, who had a contract with the national team until 2026, announced his retirement after the World Cup after falling out with coach Didier Deschamps.

It was reported that Deschamps did not call back Benzema, who had to be out of the first matches due to injury, even after he recovered from the injury and the angry player was suddenly announcing his retirement. In the context of this, Duluk pointed out the possibility that Benzema could join the team if Zidane becomes coach.

Karim Benzema ended his international career after the Qatar World Cup. No one knows the reason behind the actor’s sudden retirement. Even for the co-stars. Adding to all this, people understand that there is enmity between coach Didier Deschamps and Benzema.

He is now 35 years old. Benzema has missed two World Cups. He was only able to participate in Euro 2020 under the leadership of Deschamps.

If Zidane takes over as coach of the France national team in 2024, Benzema could join the team for a third international streak. Deschamps’ contract, which was up to 2024, has been extended to 2026 after the French team performed well in the Qatar World Cup.

But it was decided by a conspiracy between Noel Great and Deschamps. The French Football Federation can extend his contract to 2024 if he does not perform well at Euro 2024. With that, Zidane will return to the position of coach,’ Duluk said.

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