Karima Delli: “The feminist revolution will not happen without a framework”

President of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament, the ecologist Karima Delli defends the unit for the fight against sexist and sexual violence of her party, Europe Écologie-les Verts, while insisting that she “cannot make Justice “.

According to Liberation, a group of feminist activists had been investigating Julien Bayou for three years. You denounced an “inquisition”.

KARIMA DELLI. It must be said over and over again that women have always talked to each other, since the dawn of time, and so much the better somewhere. But what I discovered in the Liberation article is that this collective is not a party authority. This collective must in no way influence the work of our unit for the fight against sexist and sexual violence.

Do such approaches – outside any internal or judicial framework – harm the feminist struggle?

We really have to wait for the party cells to do their job to be able to talk about it with strong conclusions. No one can be judged in a pending case while the cells are working internally. We must not interfere when we have no conclusion. So, I ask that this work be done in complete serenity, in complete independence. Why do these cells exist? Because justice in matters of violence against women does not pass. Only 2% of rapes result in a conviction, so there is clearly a lack of structures for the protection of women and victims. These cells were born to meet this need. Moreover, the feminist revolution will not happen without a dialogue and without a framework: the rule of law. Nevertheless, perhaps we need to push a little more, because certain themes are not taken into account and because justice is not moving fast enough.

Internally, you called for a “overhaul” of the functioning of the EELV unit. Is it faulty?

At EELV, we were the first to set up such a unit. We can be proud of it and it is a model that the other parties would do well to copy. But cells cannot substitute for justice. Their role is first to welcome the floor and to support the complainants in court when the complaints are admissible. And at the same time, you really have to fight to give the means to justice. We must propose a method: the parties have a duty to set an example, but that should not presume anyone’s guilt. We must have conditions for a peaceful investigation, without media coverage. The cells are there to provide a framework. I don’t want to see the complainants’ private life unpacked any longer. I no longer want a few to arrogate to themselves the rights of a morality police.

Sandrine Rousseau, who relayed accusations on a television set, didn’t she come to interfere in the process?

As long as the cells have not given their conclusions, we cannot venture to unpack things publicly. We have to trust them. No one can bring media coverage like that in a somewhat innocuous way. We must respect all the procedures: the time of the investigation, the contradictory, no arbitrariness…


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