Karkubi, the ‘drug of the poor’ with “disastrous consequences” for health

Karkubi, the ‘drug of the poor’ with “disastrous consequences” for health

2023-06-07 11:58:50

He kurubi called the ‘poor man’s drug’, It is dangerous to health, as it causes amnesia, confusion, increased aggressiveness and can lead to severe poisoning and even coma. It is a relatively new drug in Spain, but which has been distributed throughout Morocco for years. “Today it is a well-known authentic drug of abuse and with disastrous consequences, especially for the humblest population of Morocco,” they warn on the website of the Castelao Institutea private health entity specializing in the treatment of addictions to psychoactive substances.

Karkubi is made by mixing hashish and Rivotril (clonazepam) which causes a strong psychotropic power, which when mixed with alcohol or glue causes hallucinogenic effects.

Thus, due to its chemical structure, it is considered a hallucinogen that can induce psychotic behavior. “It is also often mentioned more aggressiveness among consumers“, they explain from the Instituto Castelao.

Likewise, they warn from the Castelao Institute, the genetic predispositions of their consumers or pre-existing psychiatric conditions that “may be altered and exacerbated by use.”

On the other hand, there have been many cases of amnesia after consumption, the main effect being confusion. “In Morocco there have also been cases of severe poisoning, which have sometimes resulted in a coma,” they warn.

In this sense, they indicate, if the drug is based on benzodiazepines, its action can be combined with its medical properties as anxiolytic, sedative substances, in short, depressants of the nervous system; although they can also have adverse effects when they are expired or taken incorrectly.

Dangerous mixture with medicines, hashish, alcohol, glues…

There are times when drug dealers use the so-called clonazepamanother anxiolytic drug better known by trade names such as Rivotril or Zatrixwhich is highly valued on the black market for the production of karkubi.

Based on this and other anxiolytic drugs, karkubi is obtained by mixing these drugs with phenobarbital, an antiepileptic that is usually sold under the name of ‘Gardenal’as well as with hashish, synthetic glues and alcohols.

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