“Karmasagaram: Vishuddha Chavarayachan” takes place in the hearts of the audience. : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Kottayam: “Karmasagaram: Vishuddha Chavarayachana” movie gets attention Thank you. The movie was released last day. Social – Culture Vishuddha Chavrayachan received V for Rika-Educational Progress Through this film, the audience will be discussed with the spiritual activities. The film bears witness to a new change in the film industry.

Cultural leaders and people from different sections of the society moved. Many activists are coming to watch the movie. Co-founder Aji K. Directed by Jose and producer Ansari Pookadashery His efforts turned into a historical film. Movie Stars Kottayam Ramesh, Maqbool Salman, Kottayam Purushan , Kottayam Padman, Benny Ponnaram, Poojitha Menon, Prabha Tushnavar Pradhan Introducing the protagonists.


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