karnataka Cash Flows Out Of Drainage Pipe At Raid Spot As ACB Searches 60 Locations- Dinamani

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Money stashed in a water pipe: Officers confiscated in a bucket

An anti-corruption unit in Karnataka has found cash in a water tap at a government official’s house.

Authorities confiscated it in buckets. According to the anti-corruption unit, their value is Rs. 25 lakhs.

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Anti-corruption officials raided 60 places in Karnataka this morning (Nov. 24), including the homes of 15 government officials. A large number of unaccounted assets and cash were confiscated.

During a search of the house of Shanta Kelada, an officer of the Karnataka Public Works Department, a large quantity of jewelery and items were confiscated. Authorities later seized a cache of cash stored in a public water tap at the back of his home.

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Authorities broke the water pipes and confiscated the money through a bucket. Its value alone is estimated at Rs 25 lakh, officials said.


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