Karunanidhi 4th Anniversary Celebration | Karunanidhi 4th Anniversary Celebration


Former Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s memorial day was observed in Vellore district.

Karunanidhi Memorial Day

Vellore District DMK Former Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s 4th anniversary was observed in the office yesterday. District Secretary AP Nandakumar MLA attended the event. He paid his respects by garlanding and sprinkling flowers to the portrait of Karunanidhi, who was presided over and decorated with flowers.

In this, district assembly chairman Mohammadusaki, Vellore municipal secretary P. Karthikeyan MLA, former minister Dr. V.S. Vijay, former MLA. C. Gnanasekaran and many district, union, city, area, barur and district association administrators participated.


Former Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s 4th Anniversary Day Peranampattu Nagar, Union DMK. Observed on behalf of. Peranampatu City DMK City secretary and city council vice chairman Aliyar Zubair Ahmed presided over the program held at the bus station and garlanded the Karunanidhi film. City Council President Abdul Jameel presided. Deputy Secretary Meeranji Salim, district representatives Prabhat Kumar, Vetrivel, Peter, city councilors Ahmed Pasha, Govindaraj and others participated in the program.

Peranampatu Union DMK On behalf of Union Secretary Poklur Janarthanan, a silent procession took place from near the Ambedkar statue and garlanded Karunanidhi Thiruvuruva’s image at Bangla Medu area. Western union secretary David, district youth organizer Raja Marthandan and other union administrators participated in the program.


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