Karur MP A series of protests at the Jyoti Mani Collectorate | Karur MP Jyotimani Lying in the collector’s office Series Demonstration

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MP condemns non-conduct of Central Government Social Justice Camp in Karur Jyotimani Collector He lay in office and engaged in a series of struggles.

Karur District Collector It is alleged that MP Jyoti Mani, who came to the office yesterday, did not even arrange to write 3 letters to the District Collector to hold camps for the disabled under the Central Government scheme. So condemn the Karur ruler for preventing people from working Collector He sat on the ground floor of the office and began a sit-in.

Informed district about this Collector Prabhu Shankar came to the ground and addressed the MP. Jyoti sat down with him on the floor and explained. However, the MP was not satisfied with the response of the Collector. Jyoti Mani refused to give up the struggle and continued the struggle. Following this, the district of Aravakurichi to participate in the camp for the disabled Collector Departed.

MP who continued the struggle. Jyoti Mani said, “Equipment is being provided to persons with disabilities on behalf of the Central Government’s Social Justice Department. I have written to the District Collector three times in this regard. The camps are being held in Trichy and Dindigul districts.

Equipment can be provided to all if the beneficiaries are selected by camping in Karur district. Karur district will be spared if it is provided in other districts. Therefore, the struggle will continue until the Central Government issues a letter detailing the camp under the scheme. ”

Meanwhile, party executives, including Karur mayor Periyasamy and Meghanamurthy, joined the protest in support of Jyoti Mani. Jyoti Mani, who demanded that his demand be met, went to bed with his supporters at night without eating dinner and continued the struggle.

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Today is the 2nd day (Nov. 26) in the district Collector MP in office Jyoti Mani continues his sit-in struggle with his supporters.

In this context, the Minister of State for Electricity, Prohibition and Excise V. Senthilpalaji participated in a state function in Karur today (Nov. 26). Collector It is noteworthy that Prabhushankar has participated.


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