Kaspersky advised Russians not to submit biometric data

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InfoWatch President Natalya Kasperskaya advised not to submit biometric data due to a lack of understanding of how they will be protected, RIA Novosti reported.

“My personal recommendation: do not submit biometric data in any way, do not be carried out for convenience. They will be stolen, sold, merged almost with a guarantee. Let’s first explain to us how this data is planned to be protected, including from our employees. At the same time, I personally do not understand why the use of biometrics is necessary at all? ”She said.

According to her, the main danger in the introduction of biometrics is that we do not yet know how to protect and verify such data. Russians can give their fingerprints and their photographs, people are taken without their knowledge in public places, and then this information can be leaked, stolen and used, for example, in major real estate transactions, bank account management, etc.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs developed a draft order, according to which, from December 29, the ministry will start issuing cards with a chip to migrants on the passage of mandatory fingerprinting and photographing. In the absence of technical feasibility, the document will be drawn up without an electronic medium. Also, on December 29, mandatory fingerprinting is introduced for foreign citizens who have arrived in Russia for more than 90 days.


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