‘Kathal Desam’ Re-release in Telugu!- Dinamani

Kadhal Desam movie re-released in Telugu today.

Kathal Desam was released in 1996 and directed by Kathir, starring Abbas, Vineeth, Tabu, Vadivelu and others.

Friends Abbas and Vineeth are in love with the same girl (Tabu). The story of the film tells about love and friendship what happens when both of them come to know about this.

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The film was a huge hit among the youth and college students of the day.

Especially, songs like ‘Mustafa..Mustafa’ and ‘Nennai karanavilye neeroto’ composed by AR Rahman are still making a huge impact among the fans.

In this case, the film has been re-released today in Telugu as ‘Prema Desam’ in more than 200 screens.


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