Katrina Kaif – Vicky Wedding: Did ‘Salman Khan’ family get an invitation for Katrina Vicky’s wedding?

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Mumbai, First Published Dec 2, 2021, 7:11 PM IST

BoIt has been more than two years since the ‘closeness’ between Hollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal began to create trending hashtags on social media. The reports that the two are going to get married are just as old. But now the national media is reporting that the news is finally coming true. According to Bollywood Life, the couple will be getting married in the first week of December (Katrina Kaif – Vicky Wedding).

The wedding venue is the Six Census Fort Barwana Resort in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. According to reports, Vicky Kaushal wanted to get married in May but December was Katrina’s interest. According to a report by Bollywood Life, Katrina had in mind an outdoor wedding with hours-long ceremonies and celebrations and decided in December because of the practical difficulty of holding such a ceremony in Rajasthan in May.

But now there is another heated debate going on in Bollywood. The hot question is whether Salman Khan’s family has an invitation to Katrina’s wiki wedding. There are many rumors about this. Importantly, Salman’s sisters Arpita Khan and Alvira, who are members of Salman’s family, are Katrina’s close friends. Due to this, it was rumored that Salman’s family had an invitation.

But the news is that this is wrong. Sources close to Arpita said that no such invitation has been received so far, reports IndiaToday.com. Neither Arpita nor Alvira received any kind of invitation. Family sources confirm that the news that they will be attending the wedding is completely false.

The Times of India had earlier reported that the couple was engaged. It was a private affair at director Kabir Khan’s residence in Mumbai. The two reportedly arrived in two cars to avoid being noticed by the paparazzi. Vicky Kaushal was accompanied by her brother Sunny and her parents. Katrina with sister Isabel and mother Suzanne.

Katrina Kaif’s desire to co-star with Vicky Kaushal in an interview with Coffee with Karan, directed by Karan Johar, has drawn the attention of social media and later the media. There were some interesting moments between the two at the 2019 C Cine Awards. Later, the couple became trending tags on Twitter several times, one for each other’s birthday and so on. Sardar Uddham is Vicky Kaushal’s latest blockbuster film. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar starrer Suryavanshi is Katrina’s latest release.

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