Kengo Kuma designs the post Covid office in Italy: ecological and biophilic

Zero emissions, renewable energy, consumption control, water recovery, green areas and attention to endemic species: these are the basis of the project Welcome, feeling at work by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect who has long been linked to our country.

The completion date is 2024, for a work included in the works of Europa Risorse, which wants to relaunch the former Rizzoli industrial area, 50 thousand square meters in the Parco Lambro area in Milan, with offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and auditoriums, as well as restaurants and lounges, shops, a supermarket, a wellness area and places for temporary exhibitions. All according to the dictates ofbiophilic architecture, that is, uniting people, places and nature in a perspective of improvement of the quality of life.

The complex, financed by a fund managed by PineBridge Benson Elliot, will be built with a focus on highest levels of sustainability, with solar panels, recycled and low environmental impact materials and the complete abolition of fossil fuels. But of fundamental importance are also the anti-Covid standard: conceived as “theoffice of the future“, in fact, wants to combine work and nature as part of a complex focused on health and employee welfare.

The project, signed Kengo Kuma and Associates, was presented at the Milan Triennale in the presence of the city planning councilor, Pierfrancesco Maran, the president of the National Council of Architects, Giuseppe Cappochin and the architect Yuki Ikeguchi. It was she who clarified the concept of biophilic architecture, which allows you to spend the large portion of your life reserved for work in close contact with nature.

© kengo kuma and associates

For this reason, he declared, the project “involves the use of organic and natural elements that stimulate our senses and support our tendency to find comfort and inspiration in natural contexts. It is one architectural space completely integrated with the vegetation and made of organic materials. Natural elements in architecture, such as vegetation, light, air and wood, stimulate the senses and make a difference in the workplace, on lifestyle and improve physical and mental health, as well as productivity ”.

Kengo Kuma instead made it known that “Milan is a city with an exciting and unique combination of contemporaneity and tradition in art, architecture and craftsmanship, which constitutes the ideal terrain for the implementation of our work”.

© kengo kuma and associates2© kengo kuma and associates


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