Kerala Muslim Jamaat leaders meet CM; CM says appointment of waqf board after clearing worries

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Thiruvananthapuram | Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has assured that the appointments to the Kerala State Waqf Board administration posts will be implemented only after all the concerns related to the implementation of the bill passed by the Assembly are resolved. The Chief Minister assured the leadership of the Kerala Muslim Jamaat that he had met the Chief Minister in this regard, State General Secretary Syed Ibrahim Khalil Bukhari told the media in Thiruvananthapuram.

The CM told the leaders at the meeting that the law would not be implemented in a hurry and would be implemented only after resolving all the concerns raised by them through detailed discussions with those concerned. Concerns about the government’s decision to leave the appointment to the Waqf Board to the PSC are unfounded. The bill passed by the Assembly has made it clear that only Muslim candidates will be considered for board appointments.

Concerns were raised that the recruitment of Muslims only through PSC as a public platform would be questioned in the future. However, as PSC is the only recruitment agency, PSC’s job is only to recruit qualified candidates as required by the Waqf Board. Therefore, the CM assured the leaders that such concerns were not a concern and that he would convince everyone of this. Under the guise of halal controversy, there is a concerted effort for community polarization in Kerala. The leaders said the vested interests of such people would hurt the pluralism of the state.

The meeting was attended by Kerala Muslim Jamaat state secretaries Vandoor Abdurrahman Faizi, N Ali Abdullah, A Saifuddin Haji and SYS state secretary Siddique Saqafi.

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