kerala police will pfi ban order sealing of office

The state government order for further action based on the central order banning the Popular Front of India will be released today. The central notification and further instructions were received by the government yesterday but no order was issued. (kerala police will pfi ban order sealing of office)

The file for the order was given yesterday by the Home Department for the Chief Minister’s approval. The Chief Minister did not sign the file as he was attending the meeting of department heads.

As the order has not been issued, the police has not been able to initiate further steps to prevent the sealing of the offices of the Popular Front of India. Once the government order is issued, the DGP will issue a circular regarding the police action. Then there will be DGP’s circular for action. The police action had already started yesterday.

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The process of freezing PFI bank accounts started yesterday. For this, the account information of Popular Front and key leaders was collected. The police will today instruct the banks to freeze the accounts. There will also be procedures to close local offices today. The police is of the opinion that there is no law and order problem in the state at present.

Story Highlights: kerala police will pfi ban order sealing of office

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