Kevin-Prince Boateng is the player that Hertha BSC needs

FFor this story, it is very helpful to actually imagine Hertha as an old lady. As an elderly aunty, who suffered from poverty in old age for many years, but still made herself as comfortable as possible. Until one day someone turned her head with all the money he gave her. In the hope of being able to turn the lady into a best-age model.

The change of type was difficult for her, after years at the Café Keese pensioners’ club, she was not used to the catwalk. She got bogged down in the boutiques between Milan and London, bought more, but mostly less useful accessories, and lost herself completely in the new world that was not hers. Until a man showed up who promised to take her home again. He, of all people, who, as a boy from the neighborhood, played bell tricks on her and fell out with her. He then went to Milan and London, tasted Prosecco there and now wanted to go home to the neighborhood of his childhood.



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