Kevin Spacey will pay compensation to produce “House of Cards”

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Actor Kevin Spacey and his production companies will pay the studios behind the hit series “House of Cards” more than $ 30 million. This is due to losses experienced by the studios after his dismissal from the series, in light of evidence of inappropriate sexual behavior on his part.

U.S. media reports that a Los Angeles court found yesterday (Monday) that Spacey went over clauses in his contract that required him to behave professionally, by taking part in “certain conduct with several staff members, in each of the five seasons in which he starred. MRC, the studios that produced the Netflix series in which he starred, had to fire the actor, delay the rise of the sixth season and rewrite it, in order to get his main character out of the series’ plot. This along with shortening the season from 13 Only eight episodes, to meet the goals set for it by a variety of production and broadcasting entities, which meant losses of millions of dollars, according to the legal document.

“The safety of our employees, the set and the work environment are of paramount importance to MRC, which is why we have pushed for responsibility,” the studio said in a statement. While representatives of Spacey did not provide a response to the media, his lawyer argued that the actor’s actions did not constitute a significant component in the losses experienced by the series.

The court ruling was given after a legal battle that stretched over more than three years, as well as an eight-day hearing, which were kept secret, like the rest of the dispute. Spacey appealed against the decision to a panel of three other arbitrators, who ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, which made the court’s decision final and public last Monday. “MRC has stood by its principles, fought stubbornly in this case, and has finally reached the right outcome,” prosecutor Michael Camp said in a statement.

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Spacey, 62, an Oscar-winning actor who until a few years ago was one of Hollywood’s most respected, faced harsh accusations in late 2017, with the rise of the #MeToo protest movement. He was accused of sexually harassing another actor at a party in the 1980s, when he was only 14. Spacey claimed in response that he did not remember the case, but a number of other allegations were made against him, with private investigators finding evidence of numerous cases of inappropriate sexual behavior on the part of The actor, towards people who worked under him in the film industry.

As a result, Spacey was fired from a number of projects, the most notable of which was Netflix’s House of Cards, the political suspense series. Spacey portrayed in it the main character of Frank Underwood, a power-hungry politician who over the years becomes President of the United States.


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