Khaby Lame became an Italian citizen: the oath to the Municipality of Chivasso

Khaby Lame became an Italian citizen and was sworn in by the Municipality of Chivasso

Influencing it Dear Serigne Lame with the formula “I swear to be loyal to the Republic and to observe the Constitution e the laws of the state“, pronounced this morning, August 17, he is a citizen and acquires the rights granted to Italians. The oath was taken in front of the registrar and in the presence of the municipal councilors Chiara Casalino e Fabrizio Debernardi of the President of the Municipal Council Perfect Alfonso and the municipal councilor Domenico Barengo.

Khaby Lame which boasts almost 150 million followers, was notified of the copy of the decree of the President of the Republic that granted him the citizenship Italian last June 8, sent electronically to the municipality of Chivasso through the prefecture.

Khaby was honored by the municipal administration with a copy of the constitution of the Italian republicof the spoil of the city of Chivasso and a reproduction of “The vaccination in the countryside” by the nineteenth century painter Demetrio Cosola.

Visibly excited, Khaby Lame does not deny his origins in the popular district of via Togliatti so much so that to keep him company this morning during the ceremony there was a childhood friend of his from the same district. The creator with more follower al world was publicly mentioned in the recent inauguration speech of the mayor Claudio Castello who soon announced the approval of the resolution thanks to which honorary citizenship will be granted to new born children of foreigners residing in the city: a symbolic measure to encourage political debate Italian in favor of the Ius Scholae.

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