Al-Marsad newspaper: Turki, the artist’s son, Khaled Sami, revealed the latest developments in his father’s health condition and the reason for postponing the operation that was scheduled to be performed on him.

Turki said in a tweet via his official account on Twitter: “Praise be to God, my parents’ condition is stable today. I have a great feeling that I will hear his voice soon.”

And Turki had confirmed yesterday that his father would undergo an operation to change a tube, and he said in another tweet: “Tomorrow we have a tube change operation and I am accompanying him today and tomorrow, with your assurances for sure.”

In a new tweet, he indicated that the operation was postponed, saying: “The operation was postponed to this morning due to hemodialysis, your prayers.”

It is reported that the artist Khaled Sami fell into a coma after suffering three small clots in the brain, calcification in the arteries, and suffering from inflammation in the lung, which prevented him from air despite the doctors installing oxygen stents for him, and his heart stopped twice, the first for four minutes, and the second Not a few minutes later, but then his condition improved and returned to stability.

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