Kicking in the chamber like wildebeests in the savanna

Kicking in the chamber like wildebeests in the savanna

2023-09-26 22:35:43

You never stop learning in Congress. Learn about fighting techniques, martial arts in general and kicks in the crotch. And about the limits of political confrontation. The president of Congress, Francina Armengol, told the parliamentarians that “you cannot kick in the chamber” when those from the Popular Party were mooing and goring the seats. A pifostio of those that had not been seen for quite some time. Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s investiture debate is on its way to being one of those that cannot be assimilated without the consumption of hallucinogens. To be in tune with the environment.

In the morning, Feijóo’s speech had been followed in silence, only interrupted by applause from the PP group and some laughter from the socialists. When it resumed in the afternoon, everything blew up from the first minute. Armengol gave the floor for the socialist group to Óscar Puente, mayor of Valladolid until May. Pedro Sánchez stayed in his seat without intervening on behalf of the PSOE. The move consisted of distancing himself from the debate about Feijóo, not giving him more headlines than necessary, and letting Puente appear, the candidate with the most votes in the municipal elections in his city, but who was not re-elected because the PP and Vox had a majority in the consistory. That is, like Feijóo in the generals.

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