Killing, Magnus Carlsen boycotting Hans Niemann

Killing, Magnus Carlsen boycotting Hans Niemann

The actor shut down his web cam while the commentators were stunned.


Oslo: Controversy involving world champion Magnus Carlsen is troubling world chess. In Generation Cup Online Chess last night, Carlson withdrew unexpectedly after making only one move in the match against the American player Hans Niemann.

The actor shut down his web cam while the commentators were stunned. Carlson withdrew from the Singfield Cup after losing to Neiman a week ago.

Carlson offered no explanation for the withdrawal. However, the conclusion is that Carlson’s is a protest against Neiman. Neiman recently pleaded guilty to two counts of cheating in online contests.

Niemann had beaten Carlson twice before the revelation. Carlson’s withdrawals are believed to be due to his feeling of being cheated. In any case, if Niemann’s is cheating, Carlson’s is considered murder.

Carlson responded by posting a video of Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho in 2014. ‘I try not to talk. If I talk, I will be in big trouble’ – says Mourinho.

No player has yet lodged a complaint against the world number one. But there is a high possibility of FIDE’s intervention.

Whether Carlson is doing the right thing is debated. However, there are those who believe that the current events will affect the prestige of the game. When former world champion Garry Kasparov first withdrew from the tournament, Carlson demanded an explanation. But Carlson did not speak.

Carlson’s withdrawals will affect other players in the tournament, players say. There are those who ask whether it is conceivable that a player cheats in every competition.

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Magnus Carlsen

NoRway Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen is a five-time world champion. World No. 1 since 2011. Last year, Carlson won the world championship by defeating Ian Nepomnishi one-sidedly.

Nepomnishi is the opponent in 2023. However, the 31-year-old Carlson has declared that he is not in the fight to retain the world title. The world champion is of the mind that there is no thrill because the opponent is weak.

Hans Niemann

Lo19-year-old Hans Niemann is known as the future star of chess. The title of Grandmaster was conferred on January 22 last year. In July 2021, he won the World Open Chess Tournament in Philadelphia.

He is currently ranked 6th in the ranking of junior players. Currently world no.49. FIDE Rating 2688.

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