Kim Hyeong-doo, candidate for the Constitutional Court, “There were concerns about the complete inspection legislation”

Kim Hyeong-doo, candidate for the Constitutional Court, “There were concerns about the complete inspection legislation”

Kim Hyeong-doo, a candidate for the Constitutional Court, said that there were “concerns” about the legislative process of “complete inspection” (complete deprivation of the prosecution’s right to investigate). He also said, “There is also a contradiction in the big frame” regarding the enforcement decree of’checker suit’ (restoration of the prosecution’s right to investigate).

At the personnel hearing held at the National Assembly Legislation and Judiciary Committee on the 28th, Candidate Kim said, “I think there were several concerns.” he replied. Candidate Kim was the deputy head of the Court Administration at the time of the complete review legislation.

Kim Hyeong-doo, a candidate for the Constitutional Court, answers questions from members of the National Assembly on the 28th at the confirmation hearing for Candidate Kim. yunhap news

He pointed out that the former lawmaker pointed out that’the content of the sudden abolition of the complainant’s right to object was added at the main meeting room’. We will take a closer look at the complete inspection law if it becomes an incident (such as a constitutional complaint),” he said.

However, Candidate Kim drew a line, saying, “I did not say that the unconstitutionality was influential” to the point of former lawmaker that at the time, “the view that the deprivation of the prosecutor’s right to investigate is unconstitutional is influential.” He said, “At the time, when the National Court Administration organized the thesis and textbooks of constitutional scholars, there were more people who insisted that ‘the prosecutor’s right to request a warrant is in the Constitution, but isn’t it against the Constitution to do it this way?’” I told you that I was claiming,” he explained.

In addition, Democratic Party lawmaker Kwon Chil-seung pointed out that the enforcement ordinance of the prosecutor’s office, which was put forward by the Ministry of Justice to expand the scope of the prosecution’s investigation, contradicts the legislative purpose of the upper norm, the complete inspection law. There is a point,” he replied.

In addition, Candidate Kim said that he was “very concerned” about the trend of the political world calling the Constitutional Court a “political court” or taking issue with the bias of judges over the recent decision to maintain the effect of the Complete Review Act. He said, “A judge’s life lies in objectivity and fairness. No matter what research group they belong to, I don’t think the judge is conducting a trial that has lost objectivity and fairness, and I absolutely cannot agree.” do,” he said.

Previously, Supreme Court Chief Kim Myung-soo nominated candidates Kim and Jeong-mi, respectively, as the successors of Constitutional Court Justices Lee Seon-ae and Lee Seok-tae, who were about to retire on the 6th. The two candidates are appointed by President Yoon Seok-yeol through the National Assembly hearing process. These are the first Constitutional Court justices appointed after President Yoon took office.

Unlike the Supreme Court justices, the Constitutional Court judges who are nominated by the president and the chief justice do not require the consent of the National Assembly, so they do not go through a plenary vote. Candidate Chung’s confirmation hearing will be held on the 29th.

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