Kim Kardashian issued a restraining order

Kim Kardashian Probably already waiting for the year 2022 to end, because it seems that this year is bringing trouble to her at a dizzying pace.

In the last month, the star managed to divorce fromKanye West After two years of struggle, to enter the heart of one of the biggest storms of the fashion world in recent years with the affair of the disturbing photos of Balenciaga And now it has also been revealed that she received threats on her life until she had to issue a restraining order.

Last Monday, Kardashian’s lawyers came to the court, in order to discuss the complaints she filed against Andre Persaud, a stalker who ambushed her outside the mansion where she lives with her children in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles. According to court documents, Persaud came to Kim’s home at least three times last August to try to meet with her.

According to her, she did not know the guy at all and even expressed grave concern that if he continued to show up at her house, things could escalate into physical violence, mainly because he claimed to be armed. If all that wasn’t enough, Kardashian told the court that Persaud made very disturbing posts on social media that he and Kim were communicating telepathically.

The court granted her requests and issued him an order to stay at least 150 meters away for the next five years.


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