Kiss scandal: Spanish players with a strong message | Free press

Kiss scandal: Spanish players with a strong message |  Free press

2023-09-27 01:57:26

The kissing scandal has far-reaching consequences. The national players are also sending a strong message in the international match on Tuesday evening.


In the Nations League, the Spanish national players once again expressed their solidarity with their teammate Jennifer Hermoso after the kissing scandal with strong messages.

Before the 5-0 win against Switzerland on Tuesday evening, the players of both nations posed behind a large banner with the inscription. “Se Acabó – Our fight is the global fight” – something like: “It’s over – our fight is the fight of everyone”. The Spanish players also wore the “Se Acabó” message on their wrists.

Scandal had a number of consequences in Spain

Hermoso was kissed on the mouth by the now resigned Spanish association boss Luis Rubiales at the award ceremony after Spain won the World Cup final in Sydney on August 20th. Hermoso later explained that she “felt like the victim of an impulsive, sexist and inappropriate act to which I did not consent.” Rubiales said it was done by mutual consent. An investigation is now underway against him.

The scandal had a number of consequences in Spain, including World Cup coach Jorge Vilda leaving his post. Successor Montse Tomé stated that she would forgo Hermoso for the Nations League games for her own protection.

At the Córdoba stadium, the spectators also expressed their solidarity with the players who had wanted to go on strike in the meantime in the dispute with the association. 14,194 fans watched – more than ever in Spain at an international women’s team match. During their first appearance after the World Cup, the Spaniards presented the poster with the “Se Acabó” message together with their opponents in Sweden last week. (dpa)

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