Kiss’ unique version of ‘Macarena’ goes viral: “I hate this song”

Kiss’ unique version of ‘Macarena’ goes viral: “I hate this song”

2023-06-27 11:44:02

Kiss it is synonymous with spectacle, fire, fun and rock and roll. The American band even plays in their own dressing room, as could be seen this weekend during the preview of their concert at the Rock Imperium festival, held in Cartagena, and where their member Gene Simmons she launched into singing ‘Macarena’… in her own way, of course.

The Cartagena City Council has shared a video on its Twitter account in which the bassist and founder of the band, known as ‘El Demonio’, can be seen covering the iconic song by Those from the river but changing ‘Ehhh, Macarena’ to ‘Ehhh, Cartagena’. next to her, Paul Stanley it ends up laughing and, in a last unexpected twist, Simmons closes: “I hate this song.”

On social networks, the video has gone viral, with funny comments raising the issue, and even quoting the authors of the song, Los del Río, who have replied on Instagram to the festival account: “You discovered us”, they published the artists, along with some laughing emoticons.

In August 1995, the Windows 95 operating system saw the light of day, which changed the world, but what Bill Gates did not count on was the strength of ‘Macarena’, a global anthem actually composed in 1993 but it would not be until that year when it broke the borders and records with 14 weeks being number 1 on the US Billboard, one of the five best-selling singles in the world (the first in Spanish) and even an unforgettable Bill Clinton dancing his legendary steps after his re-election as president of the United States already in 1996.

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Let’s also remember that these Kiss concerts are the last in their history, since at the beginning of the year they set a date for the last show they will give: on December 2, 2023 in the emblematic Madison Square Garden in New York, just half a century after his birth.

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