KMCC joins National Day Celebration Rally | KMCC also participated in the National Day Celebration Rally

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Dubai: Dubai Police as part of the 50th National Day celebrations in the UAE Join hands with the leaders of the KMCC leaders and workers. And joined the rally. The rally was held in the vicinity of Nai Frod. Du Bai Police Chief Muhammed Sultan Hassan Ahmad Ahma Led by Brigadier Ahmed Masur and others. Leaseholders and Hussein Nar Haji, leader of the Dubai KMCC. Chokkai, Mustafa Rur, P.K. Ismail, Hamsa Thotti, Ibrahim Murichandi, Adv. Sajid, O.K. E. Brahim, Reyes Thalassery, N.K. E. Brahim, Ashraf Kodungallur, o. Moithu, Adv. In E. Brahim Khali, K.P.A. Salam, Hassan Chali and others spearheaded the program.


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