Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi Sparks Outrage with False IDF Claims: Ido’s Mother Responds

Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi Sparks Outrage with False IDF Claims: Ido’s Mother Responds

Online Uproar as Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi Accuses IDF and Shares Misleading Photos of Children Victimized by Conflict

An online storm erupted today (Tuesday) when Knesset member Ahmed Tibi launched an attack on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and published photos claiming to show children injured by their actions. However, it was revealed that one of the children in the photo was actually the late 5-year-old Ido Avigal, who was tragically killed by a rocket fired by Hamas during the “Guardian of the Walls” operation. The revelation ignited outrage across social media, with many criticizing Tibi for his misleading actions.

Ido’s mother, Shani, responded fiercely to Tibi’s posts. She addressed him directly, saying, “Hey Ahmed, what’s up? Do you hear? It’s perfectly fine to take all kinds of children, put them in one picture, and tell the world that the IDF killed them. But is there any way you can remove the picture of my child? I’m pretty sure that Hamas murdered him and wounded my daughter, as well as my nephews and me. Oh yes, they shot at the house!”

The late Ido Avigal’s mother, expressing her frustration and grief, pleaded for the removal of her son’s photo from Tibi’s social media posts. The emotional plea highlights the pain and suffering experienced by those directly impacted by the conflict.

The controversy began when journalist Yehuda Schlesinger took to Twitter, attempting to clarify the IDF’s actions. He wrote, “Even this morning, it is important to repair the damage and to remind: the IDF does not bomb houses with children.” Tibi seized the opportunity to challenge Schlesinger’s claim, sharing the photos of the children, including Ido, and asserting, “Many times they do.” This further fueled the fury directed at Tibi, as individuals pointed out the misleading nature of his actions.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been marred by countless tragedies and loss of innocent lives. However, the use of misleading images only exacerbates the pain experienced by the families involved and leads to further division and anger within the online community.

While the tensions and emotions are understandable during times of intense conflict, it is crucial to remain truthful and responsible when sharing information. Misusing photos or spreading misinformation can have severe consequences, further polarizing the already divided sides and hindering the chances of a peaceful resolution.

As the online storm continues, it serves as a reminder of the power and responsibility we hold when engaging in online discourse. In such sensitive times, it is crucial to approach these issues with empathy, respect, and a commitment to sharing accurate information.


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