Knowing how to admit your wrongs in front of your children

Knowing how to admit your wrongs in front of your children
It also happens that the attitude of the parent, despite being armed with the best intentions, is at the origin of repeated disagreements. pinel

PSYCHOLOGY – No parent is immune to excessive outbursts. Recognizing his mistake will not make him lose authority, quite the contrary.

Sometimes all it takes is a ten-minute delay and the mischievousness of a child who decides to go to school in pajamas for you to lose patience. The mustard goes to the nose, we shout that he is a “first time pest” (in the best of the cases) and we dress him a little briskly. Ditto when the teenager leaves a lot of dirty plates lying around in his room. Under the influence of anger, he is asked the very rhetorical question: “But are you dumb or what?”

Once the tension has subsided, it’s time for regrets. But sometimes it’s hard to admit when you’ve been wrong. “Some parents think apologizing will make them lose face, confirms Adrien Blanc, clinical psychologist in a medical-psychological center and author on child development. Yet authority is not authoritarianism. Acknowledging that we made a mistake, that something can be discussed or that the exchange could have happened differently, gives more legitimacy to the parent. The child realizes that the person who establishes…

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