‘Knowing there was no cent, I opened the closet for that beautiful girl’

‘Knowing there was no cent, I opened the closet for that beautiful girl’
Innocent and Alice his wife | Photo: Siddiqul Akbar

EHis wife Alice is the person who has always been there for Nancent in his successes and losses. Amid a busy film and political career, Alice was undaunted when Innocent was diagnosed with cancer. Walked together holding hands. Friendship was stronger than love between them. From an interview given to Mathrubhumi News by Innocent and Alice on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Ever heard of Valentine’s Day as a kid?

Innocent: No. Such a celebration is not even heard of. There were no such celebrations then. When I saw beautiful girls, I fell in love with them. There is nothing beyond that. A love letter was not given or a proposal was made. At that time, I only thought that I should make them all laugh. We joke and laugh together.

Alice: I have three brothers. Father was also young then. All four of them will always be around. How to fall in love with them. That’s why I never fell in love with anyone during my studies.

Was it a love marriage with Alice?

Innocent: Not at all. It is an arranged marriage. Po met Alice at a place called Nellai. I have visited four times. She and I are fine. Her aunt liked me more. The day I went to see her, I hugged her and talked to her a lot. Amma said don’t look any further, this little boy is enough.

Alice: Didn’t know he was a film actor then. I came to see because I said it was business. Said it was a matchbox company. The company was present in Davangiri and in the country. I loved Innocent the moment I saw it. Mother and Innocent also came to see that day.

Did you feel that you needed a special look because you were in a movie?

Alice: Never once thought so. Film is also like a profession to me. I didn’t feel that I needed a special look because I thought I might get lost.

Feeling like deep romances just don’t exist anymore?

Alice: Many problems are coming in the present relationships. Divorce cases are increasing. It is better to understand each other and get married. I think love marriage is better for that.

Innocent: That’s right…I wouldn’t have married you if we had understood each other (laughs).

Alice:That’s what I want to say. Can be avoided already.

Innocent: She will ask doubts during my acting. It will be said that ‘KPAC is talking to Lalitha and Sukumari in the film just like they are talking to me’. ‘Isn’t that acting,’ I would reply. Her reply would be ‘I wonder if it is acting or acting’. (laughs)

Alice’s first gift

Innocent: Royal Jasmine cent of six rupees was bought for the first time. As it was the first gift, we both remember it well. There is another reason I remember. Before the match company I had a store in the country. The shop was in front of the post office. A beautiful girl worked there. When I see them leaving, I just think ‘she is a good girl’. One day they entered the shop. Asked if there was a cent of Royal Jasmine. Even though I knew it wasn’t, I just tapped the cupboards. Then he said he was done. They asked when he will come. He replied that he will come on Monday. The next day he went to Thrissur without opening the shop and bought it. He knew that at home. That night when everyone was sitting down to eat, Chetan brought up the subject. He has a great interest in business. If you say you don’t have an item, you will buy it.’ said that And then I got scared. Chetan said that I went after the shop was locked. When he heard that, his father was all smiles.

Traveling together

Alice: He doesn’t go with me when he goes shooting. Innocent prefers to go it alone. When going abroad, every trip went together. America, Germany, Singapore went everywhere together.

Alice’s humor

Alice: Every thing we talk about goes to the innocent location and says it. I also go along after being sick. The people on the location start laughing when they see me. That smile must have remembered something that Innocent said earlier. But it does not say what that thing is. Then I will understand that something stupid will be said.

Innocent: Alice is not that stupid. The son himself often says that. The son once said that his father has no fear even though he is sitting in his mother’s position of president controlling so many movie actors. He said that he will say whatever he wants to say in the meeting without fear. Hearing that, Alice says that ‘those without intelligence need not fear anyone’. (laughs)

How to make people laugh

Innocent: Not everyone seems to be able to do that. If you think about it one by one, you will go crazy. It is enough to deal with it as it comes. I am not a person who puts aside the joys inside my mind and drags the sadness somewhere. Let me tell you an incident. At the threshold of this house, the procession of the church is going. At that time, I got cancer and lost all my hair and I was just skin and bones. When the circumambulation goes, I am at home. I was saddened to think that I wouldn’t be around to see it next year. My eyes filled up. At that moment I looked at Alice. Then she also opened her eyes. It has been nine years now.

Alice: The scene of coming home after being diagnosed with cancer will not be forgotten. Everyone was crying. It was difficult for us to face. Outside sat Innocent on a chair. Then he told everyone. ‘The doctor has said that it can be treated and changed. If you’re going to cry all the time, I’ll move house.’ Till then everyone was happy and treated. Six chemos were done. The next year I also got sick. We both went for radiation together.

Definition of love

Alice: So no definition is known. Let me tell you one more thing. In ancient times, if a Christian asked a person of another caste not to marry, there were people who would say “Oh no”. Now that has changed. Once you like it, you don’t need to look at caste. Just live happily. If the relationship we find for our children ends in divorce, the children will blame us. Even better is to marry the person they find and let them live happily ever after. Even if it were my grandchildren, I would say the same thing. Their happy life is great.


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