Kochu Preman waited for three days after making up at the location in Pollachi

“Sorry bro, the role that was supposed to be played was given to someone else.” It was a moment of sadness and anger. After coming back to the room, he burst into tears.

Kochupreman | Photo: G. Sivaprasad

Actor Kochupreman, who was entertaining the audience in movies, shared an experience he felt inside as a young actor in the January 16-31, 2019 issue of ‘Grihalakshi’. His words;

ACurrently, I am acting in the superhit serial ‘Jwalayai’ on Doordarshan. Directed by Vayalar Madhavankutty. Produced by Mammooka. It was also a time of waiting to get a chance in the movies. He has previously acted in a film of the same name. That’s when a superstar calls to the cinema. A truly thrilling moment. I told this to the director of the serial. It’s a tight schedule. The answer was that he could not leave. That is true. But for me, great luck lies ahead. Can’t be knocked out. Finally I decided. It’s okay to lose serial. The opportunity in the film will not be lost.

‘Tomorrow I am going to Pollachi.’ Madhavankutty did not say anything when he said a firm decision. I left Thiruvananthapuram the very next morning. As soon as he reached Pollachi, he stayed at the hotel. ‘It should be ready by five o’clock tomorrow morning. The car will come’.

Controller explained. That night I couldn’t sleep with happiness. He is going to act in the superstar’s film. This will probably change my horoscope itself. It was ready at four o’clock the next morning. It’s past five o’clock. It’s past six. The weather was fine. Still no one came to take me alone. When the production manager came in the evening, the matter was rushed.

“The shooting went on. That is what was not called. Get ready tomorrow morning, brother, the car will come.’ I waited the next day. The car did not come. On the morning of the third day, I reached the location and met the production controller. “Sorry bro, the role you were supposed to play was given to someone else.”

It was a moment of sadness and anger. After coming back to the room, he burst into tears. Then straight to Palakkad with the bag. The next day hesitatingly reached the location of the serial. When I mentioned the matter to the director, he was relieved. Tharika also played the same role as before. Months later, I got an opportunity in the film. And then the movies. But no matter how many opportunities I get, I cannot forget the pain I felt that day.’

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