Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Unalloyed Secularist -Madani | Abdul Nasir Maudany about Kodiyeri

Bengaluru: PDP Chairman Abdunnasir Madani recalled that Comrade Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was a strong communist, an unalloyed secularist and an accomplished administrator. When the Bengaluru police concocted a cover-up called ‘kutak shabdha’ to implicate me in the Bengaluru case, Kodiyeri, who was the home minister, investigated the matter properly and he was convinced of the impossibility of the allegation. Madani said in a statement that he gave all legal support based on that firm conviction.

Even after he was under the grip of serious illness, he talked on the phone and inquired about the case.

Priya Kodiyeri, who won everyone’s respect with her personality and was a workaholic till the last moment of her life, pays tribute to her comrade. In his condolence message, Madani said that he also conveys his sincere condolences to his family.


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