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Thiruvananthapuram: Kovid-19 has been confirmed for 17,755 people in Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram 4694, Ernakulam 2637, Thrissur 1731, Kozhikode 1648, Kottayam 1194, Pathanamthitta 863, Kannur 845, Palakkad 835, Kollam 831, Alappuzha 765, Malappuram 728, Idukki 417, Kasaragod 317 and Wayanad 250 were confirmed in the districts today.

65,937 samples were tested during the last 24 hours. The Weekly Infection Population Ratio (WIPR) is 6 wards in 5 Local Government Areas above 10. There will be strict control here. There are currently 1,95,338 people under surveillance in various districts of the state. Of these, 1,91,286 are under home / institutional quarantine and 4,052 are under hospital surveillance. A total of 596 people were newly admitted to the hospital.

At present, out of 90,649 Kovid cases, only 4% of persons are admitted to hospitals / field hospitals. Today, it has been confirmed that Kovid-19 is the cause of 17 deaths in the last few days. In addition, 89 deaths have been reported which have been appealed by the Central Government under the new guidelines of the Supreme Court. This brings the total death toll in the state to 50,674.

Today, 150 of those diagnosed with the disease are from outside the state. 16,488 people were infected through contact. Contact source for 964 is not clear. The disease affected 153 health workers.

3819 people who were diagnosed and treated were cured. Thiruvananthapuram 486, Kollam 141, Pathanamthitta 321, Alappuzha 208, Kottayam 303, Idukki 126, Ernakulam 757, Thrissur 201, Palakkad 186, Malappuram 123, Kozhikode 467, Wayanad 82, Kannur 302 and Kasaragod 116 were cured. With this, 90,649 people have been diagnosed with the disease and are still undergoing treatment. 52,18,681 have so far been freed from Kovid.

Kovid 19 Analysis Report

99 99.68 per cent of the vaccinated population were given one dose of vaccine (2,66,24,042) and 82.27 per cent were given two dose of vaccine (2,19,73,681).

Kerala has the highest number of vaccinations / million in India (13,86,656)

As per today’s report, 15,892 out of 17,755 new patients were eligible for vaccination. Of these, 956 took one dose and 10,205 took two doses. However, 4731 people have not been reported to have been vaccinated. Kovid vaccines protect people from infection and serious illness and significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death.

Between January 8 and 14, an average of 49,136 cases were treated, with only 1 percent requiring oxygen beds and only 1 percent requiring an ICU. During this period, there was an increase of approximately 43,410 reported new cases compared to the previous week. The growth rate of new cases has increased by 166 per cent compared to the previous week. The number of patients currently being diagnosed and treated in hospitals, field hospitals, ICUs and oxygen beds has increased by 124%, 22%, 66%, 7% and 14% respectively this week compared to the previous week. But the number of ventilator patients decreased by 1%.

Content Highlights : 17,755 New Covid Cases reported in Kerala; Outbreak highest in Thiruvananthapuram; TPR at 26.92%


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