Kozhikode: A woman selling fish on the Kozhikode road was brutally beaten by her husband kozhikode news | woman attacked by husband | husband and wife

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Kozhikode: Her husband beat up a woman who was making a living by selling fish on the Ashokapuram road. Shyamili, 29, was beaten up by her husband Nidheesh, 36, of Kattuvayal colony.

She was rushed to Shyamili Beach Hospital with facial injuries. Nadkavu police have registered a case against him. The incident took place on Friday evening.

Nidheesh reached the fish stall, overturned the fish stall, kicked Shyamili and injured her face. He also overturned Shyamili’s two-wheeler. Shyamili and her cousins ​​Linita and Jayasudha started a business in Ashokapuram two months ago. Shyamili and her three children are living in their own house due to constant pressure from her husband. The woman alleged that Nadkavu had lodged a complaint with the police against him last month but no action was taken.


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