kpac lalitha health: What Suresh Gopi has to say about the government taking over the medical expenses of KPAC Lalitha! – actor cum mp suresh gopi reacts on kerala govt to help kpac lalitha for her liver transplantation surgery treatment

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Actress and Kerala Music and Drama Academy Chairperson KPAC Lalitha’s medical expenses incurred by the government was a big topic of discussion. KPAC Lalitha, who has been active in the film industry for over four decades, has been widely criticized for not being able to afford the treatment she has earned so far. However, Minister V Abdurahman responded to the criticism.

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The minister had said that there was no need for controversy as the government had borne the cost of KPAC Lalitha’s treatment. After that, a post by Sreekutty Bharathan, daughter of KPAC Lalitha, went viral on social media. After all that, what is gaining attention now is the reaction of actor and MP Suresh Gopi on this issue.

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Suresh Gopi opined that the cost of KPAC Lalitha’s treatment was borne by the government on application to the government and that it was the government’s right. Artists are assisted by central government funds. Suresh Gopi added that he has also provided assistance to 36 people.

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Actress KPAC Lalitha was treated by the government. That is the right of the government. The application may have come before the government. It was checked by the government. Suresh Gopi said that they made this decision because they felt it was necessary. I have also contributed `2 crore 80 lakh to the department which provides medical assistance to artists from the funds of the Central Government.

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Suresh Gopi said that he had given help to 36 people in this way. Suresh Gopi said that the government has decided whether Lalitha Chechi belongs to that category and if you have any doubts about the honesty of the government, you should investigate and find out. Speaking to media, Suresh Gopi said that it is wrong to talk about it now.

What Suresh Gopi has to say about the government taking over the medical expenses of KPAC Lalitha!


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