Krasnodar decided to break the contract with Mamaev

Football club Krasnodar, owned by billionaire Sergei Galitsky, intends to break the contract with footballer Pavel Mamaev because of his participation in the conflict, as a result of which an official of the Ministry of Industry and Trade suffered. About it said in a statement published on the club’s website.

Krasnodar reported that it is currently studying a way to terminate the contract and will do everything to achieve this, despite the fact that professional footballers are well protected by contracts. “This is the first time we faced such a situation when a criminal investigation of an incident involving a football player of the club was launched. What we saw in the video is outrageous. And there can be no excuses for this, ”the club said in a statement. It also states that the player will be subject to the maximum sanctions provided for by the current contract: a fine and suspension from training with the main team.

The incident involving Mamaev and Zenit player Alexander Kokorin became known on Monday. Telegram channel Mash reported that on the morning of October 8, football players beat the director of the Department of the Automotive Industry and Railway Engineering Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak and General Director of FSUE NAMI (developer and manufacturer of the presidential limousine Aurus) Sergei Gaisin in a cafe in the center of Moscow. Later, he published a video showing how a man who looks like Kokorin hits a cafe visitor with a chair and, smiling, returns to the table with his company.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade on Monday evening confirmed that Pak and Gaisin were hospitalized and filed a statement with the police. The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow opened a criminal case under the article “Beatings”. According to law enforcement, in one of the Moscow cafes “there was a conflict between a citizen and two young people, as a result of which the man was hit several times ”. The police did not name the participants in the conflict.

Moskovsky Komsomolets reports that Kokorin and Mamaev are also suspected of beating the driver of the TV presenter of Channel One. The publication writes that the incident, like the fight in the cafe, took place on Monday morning, but only near the hotel “Beijing”, where the driver was waiting for the TV presenter in the car Mercedes… According to the victim, a company of five people hooligans on the roadway and he reprimanded the young people. After that, the brawlers pulled the driver out of the car and started beating him. They broke his nose, inflicted a head injury. On the fact of the incident, the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs also excited criminal case.

Football club Krasnodar belongs to the founder of Magnit Sergei Galitsky, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $ 4 billion. The main shareholder of Zenit is Gazprombank, the general sponsor of the club is Gazprom. According to the publication, Zenit also intends to terminate the contract with Kokorin. The club itself stated on Tuesday that is waiting for a “legal assessment of the relevant authorities” does not consider it “necessary to talk about the punishment of the player by the club”. In the same time “from a human and emotional point of view, such an incident is only embarrassing, ”the statement said. “IN at the moment, Zenit’s management and fans feel nothing but disappointment that one of the country’s most talented footballers behaved disgustingly, ”the club said.

“This is an egregious case that casts a shadow on the whole sport, on the whole of football. Especially after the national team performed well at the World Championships, ”said Minister of Sports Pavel Kolobkov on Tuesday on the Russia 24 TV channel. According to the minister, not only clubs, but also sports authorities can apply sanctions to athletes.

Neither Kokorin nor Mamaev were called up to the Russian national team, which will play matches against the national teams of Sweden and Turkey in the next two weeks. However, both players were repeatedly called up under the banner of the national team. According to the RFU website, Kokorin played 48 matches for the main national team, Mamaev – 15. It is not the first time that they find themselves in the center of a scandal. For example, in 2016, after the unsuccessful European Championship for the Russian national team, football players threw a party in one of the Monte Carlo clubs, at which they and their company were brought out champagne to the sound of the Russian anthem.

According to the Transfermarkt website, the transfer cost of Kokorin is 11 million euros, Mamaev – 6.5 million.



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