KSRTC driver who saved 36 lives – KSRTC driver | Save life Superfast bus Manorama News

KSRTC driver who saved 36 lives – KSRTC driver |  Save life  Superfast bus  Manorama News

Kozhikode ∙ KSRTC Superdeluxe bus lost its brake at the top of the Thamarassery pass. The driver C. Firoz, who controlled the bus without losing his presence of mind, saved the lives of 36 people. ATC 255 deluxe bus coming from Bengaluru to Kozhikode lost its brake.

The bus journey from Bengaluru to Kozhikode started at 9.30 pm on Republic Day. There were 38 people in the train including 36 passengers, conductor VIP and Feroze. After crossing Wayanad at 5.40 am on Friday, we entered the pass through the gate at Lakiti. When he reached near the view point, Feroze realized that the bus had lost its brakes due to a failure in its air system.

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Down from the view point on one side is a large crater. On the opposite side is a huge rock. Driver Feroze brought the bus under control without losing his mind and stopped it. By this time the passengers were asleep and did not know about this. Later, the passengers were taken to the superfast bus that came right behind. The passengers, who came to know that the bus had stopped due to brake failure, thanked the driver and returned. The incident came to light through a note written by the conductor VP on the KSRTC Kozhikode Facebook page.

English Summary: KSRTC driver saved 36 lives in Wayanad


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