Kudrin: poverty in some regions reaches 20%

The Russian government has managed to reduce the poverty rate in the country from 12.3% to 12.1%, said the head of the Accounts Chamber (JV) Alexei Kudrin during a speech at the Federation Council. The head of the joint venture specified that in some regions the poverty rate reaches 20%.

In his opinion, the authorities need to tackle the problem of poverty in the country. “We have to say that in a number of regions poverty reaches 20%. And this needs to be dealt with especially, ”said Mr. Kudrin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called poverty the country’s main enemy and did not rule out additional measures to support Russians. According to the joint venture’s estimates, the well-being of Russians has not yet recovered to the level that preceded the crisis of 2014, and it was possible to slightly reduce the level of poverty only thanks to social benefits.

Read about the draft budget of the Russian Federation for the next three years in the material of “Kommersant” “Deputies supported the shield of the motherland.”



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