Kudumbavilakku: Indraja New Allegations Against Sumithra And Rohit Irked Anirudh.

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Family Lantern is one of the favorite series of miniscreen audiences. The serial broadcast by Asianet is in full swing. Family Lighting is set to launch in 2020. But initially the serial did not get much audience acceptance. But as the story changed, so did the number of viewers for the series. The serial is going ahead with a good audience acceptance.


Kudumbavilakku is the story of a housewife named Sumitra. The serial goes through their lives. Actress Meera Vasudev will play the role of Sumitra. The serial is getting good audience feedback. Along with Meera, the audience’s favorite stars are Krishnakumar Menon, Saranya Anand, Athira Madhav, Anand Narayan, Reshma, Nupin, F. J. Tharakan, Devi Menon, Sumesh Surendran, Shaju, Sreelakshmi and Amrita Ganesh will be seen in the serial. Like Meera, her characters are getting a good response. The audience cherishes the players without any difference between positive and negative. The serial is currently ranked second.

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The serial proceeds in a family context. The theme of the serial is the survival of a poor housewife named Sumitra who is abandoned by her husband. Sumitra, who lived for her family, received only neglect from her family. But they did not complain to anyone about it. Sumitra was coming to the stage from the kitchen when her husband left her. With the help of his friend Rohit and Bhatya’s father, Sumitra started her own business.

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But after his divorce from Sumitra, Siddharth started having trouble. The friend leaves his loving wife in order to marry the stage. But with her marriage to Vedika, Sumitra realized the value. Sidhu is now living away from the stage. Siddharth leaves the stage after realizing his unique nature. But Sidhu will never be able to go back to Sumitra.

With Siddharth realizing his mistake, the number of Krishna Kumar Menon fans has increased. The audience is overjoyed at Sidhu’s recognition. Now the audience wants their son Anirudh to understand his mother too.

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Anirudh is now speaking on behalf of his mother for the first time. Anirudh spoke to Dr. Indraja on behalf of his mother. When Dr. Indraja says that he has an illicit relationship with Rohit, he raises his voice for his mother. “Although he has differences and problems with his mother, Anirudh says that his mother is not such a woman. Although Anirudh’s words for his mother shocked Indraja, the audience was very happy with it. Actor Anand Narayanan will play the role of Anirudh. The star has many fans.

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Kudumbavilakku: Indraja New Allegations Against Sumithra And Rohit Irked Anirudh

Story first published: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 21:57 [IST]

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