Kurinjakkeni boat accident – what happened? Record the tears of the survivors!

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It has been reported that six persons who were receiving treatment at the Kinniya Base Hospital during the boat accident that took place in Kinniya Kurinjakkeni in Trincomalee District yesterday have returned home after completing their treatment.

The hospital’s forensic officer, Dr. Jibri, said they had returned home this afternoon. It is reported that this includes two boys and four boys.

Upon learning more about this,

Six people were killed in the boat accident and 27 were hospitalized. One was sent to Trincomalee General Hospital and the other to Kilinochchi General Hospital.

Others are currently receiving treatment, the medical official said. Today, Trincomalee District MP Imran Mahroob visited the Kinniya Base Hospital and inquired about the welfare of those involved in the boat accident.

Commenting to the media later,

He said the boat accident was a matter of great concern and those behind the Kurinjakkeni bridge issue should be punished without regard to standards.


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