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Day three in coalition poker after the outbreak of the government crisis: The Greens demand from the ÖVP, you an “impeccable person” instead of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to propose to continue the coalition. At the same time lead party leaders Werner Kogler and club hostess Sigrid Maurer Talks with all other parties, so SPÖ boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner, Neos-Chefin Beate Meinl-Reisinger, but also with the FPÖ under Herbert Kickl.

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen spoke to Neos boss today Beate Meinl-Reisinger and FPÖ party leader Herbert Kickl. In the evening, Chancellor Kurz appeared in front of the press with the announcement that the ÖVP was still able to act under him, which Vice Chancellor Kogler immediately denied again.

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8.15 p.m .: A small window So that the ÖVP is still open. On the question of whether the Greens will approve the motion of censure in parliament next Tuesday, Kogler said nothing.

Kogler sees a “shocking moral picture in the power center of the ÖVP” Photo © APA/GEORG HOCHMUTH

8.10 p.m .: The Chancellor had previously attended one more Defense speech scheduled: It is about SMS, which he would no longer formulate today, and about “allegations that are wrong”. He referred to the criminal justice process, in which he will have the opportunity to refute the allegations. “The presumption of innocence applies to everyone. Nobody should be treated better, but nobody should be treated worse either.” The Vice Chancellor’s reply: There are allegations in the room that are serious and need to be clarified, and it occurs “in the center of power of the ÖVP gruesome moral picture revealed. “The ÖVP should turn to the rule of law, not fight or attack it. And propose someone for the office of Federal Chancellor who – in contrast to short-term – is capable of serving.” Then we can tackle the many, large, important, joint projects . “

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: “Today, some SMS would no longer write like this” Photo © APA/GEORG HOCHMUTH

8 pm: Also vice chancellor Werner Kogler then appeared in front of the press, accompanied by the club chairwoman Sigrid Maurer. The clear message: The ÖVP will replace the top and stay in government, or turquoise-green will be over. It is not only about the accusations of the public prosecutor, but it is about “that it is in the center of power of the ÖVP a harrowing, terrifying, gruesome moral picture there “. The ÖVP has the responsibility to propose someone for the Chancellery who is impeccable.” Kurz is no longer capable of office. “

Statement by Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler

7:57 p.m.: The only message from the Chancellor: He wouldn’t write some text messages the way he did five years ago.

7.48 p.m .: The Chancellor actually said nothing about how things will proceed. Only message: “We stay in the game“. That, however, after the ÖVP had previously explicitly taken itself out of the game: There would be no government participation with an ÖVP without Kurz.

7.40 p.m .: The Chancellor has his say. Sebastian Kurz announced in his short-term statement, “How things will continue in Austria”: The ÖVP will accept it if there are other majorities in parliament, “at the same time we state that we as the ÖVP team within the government are capable and willing to act are”. This has been proven not least in dealing with the pandemic. Often there is “too much talk about one another instead of one another”. He will remain in constant dialogue with the Federal President and will also seek talks with the Vice Chancellor and advise on how to proceed.

Statement by Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

6:19 p.m .: Let it be a “Government crisis, but certainly not a state crisis“, says the Federal President. The republic is prepared for all possible situations, including these. There are serious suspicions in the room that it is now up to the judiciary to solve them attested a moral image that is not good for democracy. But the citizens of Austria also have rights, including that to a government capable of acting, explains Van der Bellen. This ability to act is called into question.

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen wants ´with eagle eyes´ to ensure that there is a government that is capable of acting.
Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen wants ´with eagle eyes´ to ensure that there is a government that is capable of acting. Photo © APA / HERBERT NEUBAUER (HERBERT NEUBAUER)

Austria could not afford any selfishness now. “I therefore appeal to all parties, to their leaders: Do not think about what you can get out for your respective party in the short term, especially now. just think about what all of Austria needs“says Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen.

Speech by Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen

The Federal President refers to the no-confidence motions announced for Tuesday in parliament. It is not yet possible to say what will come of this, he says, referring to the ongoing discussions. “But I will make sure that it zu there is a government capable of acting at all times“He will pay attention to this” with eagle eyes, “said the Federal President.

4.20 p.m .: After his conversation in the Hofburg, FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl did not see any clearer. Because even the Federal President did not have an overview, said the Freedom Officer. This is of course not Van der Bellen’s fault, since the other parties apparently have not expressed any clear ideas themselves. Kickl made it clear again that he would not tolerate cooperation between the SPÖ, Greens and NEOS.

3:29 p.m .: Before she meets the green Vice Chancellor Kogler and the green club boss Maurer on Heldenplatz, the pink party leader repeats Beate Meinl-Reisinger: “I’ve been saying the same thing since Wednesday: It can’t go on like this.” All forces are needed to ensure clean hands in politics. Now is the time for talks.

The Neos boss wants a policy of
The Neos boss wants a policy of “clean hands”. Photo © APA/GEORG HOCHMUTH

2.49 p.m .: FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl is emphatically calm before his visit to the Hofburg. Kickl welcomes the fact that the Federal President is holding talks with all the Perteichefs. If there is a possible cabinet of experts, there is a risk that “the apparatus behind it” will be preserved, according to the FP boss.

“When everyone is excited, someone has to stay calm. That’s me,” says Kickl. Photo © APA/HERBERT PFARRHOFER

1:20 p.m .: More chats, which are available to the Kleine Zeitung, document the broken relationship between the current Federal Chancellor and Foreign Minister at the time Sebastian Kurz and the then Vice Chancellor and party leader Reinhold Mitterlehner in 2016 – until Sabotage of joint government projects.

1:05 p.m .: The country leaders of the People’s Party appeal once more to the presumption of innocence. The governor of Lower Austria said that the courts alone would decide who was guilty and who was not Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP). “Until then, every citizen is considered innocent. That must apply equally to all people in our country. Even if some may not like it.” The Salzburg governor and VP chief Wilfried Haslauer demanded “state political responsibility” from the Greens. Also the Tyrolean ÖVP boss Günther Platter emphasizes to be behind Kurz. He has not read the 104-page order from the house search, as he said on the sidelines of a press conference.

12:58 p.m .: According to their own statements, the Green Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner had a “trusting and in-depth conversation”. “Out of responsibility for Austria, we agree that stability and order are now needed,” says a statement from Kogler’s office.

12.30 p.m .: “A statesman would now take a step aside for his country,” says the Upper Austrian Green leader Stefan Kaineder in the Ö1 lunch journal.

12.23 p.m .: Meinl-Reisinger leaves the Hofburg. The conversation with the Federal President was confidential, so she asks for your understanding that she will not comment on it.

Beate Meinl-Reisinger does not want to talk about her conversation with the Federal President.
Beate Meinl-Reisinger does not want to talk about her conversation with the Federal President. Foto © Max Miller

11.50 a.m .: On the way out of the Chancellery, the turquoise club boss August Wöginger is surrounded by cameras and microphones. The ÖVP wants to “continue to govern”, there will be no participation in the government of the ÖVP without a short time, says Wöginger without stopping.

ÖVP club boss August Wöginger reiterated the line of the People's Party.
ÖVP club boss August Wöginger reiterated the line of the People’s Party. Foto © Max Miller

11.30 a.m .: Neos boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger starts today in the Hofburg. Before her interview with Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, she said: “It is not the job of the ÖVP to continue to destroy the institutions. Now is the time to look forward together and ask: How can we rebuild our country a little bit ? ” It is now a question of a policy of clean hands, which is why we want to hold talks, said Meinl-Reisinger.

11.00 a.m .: FPÖ club chairman Herbert Kickl demanded the resignation of the entire turquoise-green government in its press conference. As announced, the FPÖ will introduce a motion of censure against Kurz, possibly together with other parties. The “System Kurz” is no longer allowed to govern. Kickl speaks of a “corrupt turquoise system”, the slogan “Short must go” no longer applies, but “Short is gone”. Kickl emphasized that he wanted the Greens to leave the coalition.

In response to journalists’ questions, the FPÖ boss made it clear that in the event of a possible change in power, the Freedom Party would like to be involved “on an equal footing”. A simple toleration of a tripartite government made up of the SPÖ, Greens and Neos, which would form an “elite circle”, is inconceivable. He also thinks nothing of an expert government. Instead, it needs a “solidarity for democracy.”

10.40: The Greens want an “impeccable person” instead of Kurz as Chancellor. “Obviously the ÖVP refuses to provide such an impeccable person, so we’re talking to the other parties,” said the Green Club boss Sigrid Maurer. There are serious allegations, such as corruption and the misuse of 1.3 million euros in tax money. In the future, Kurz will be constantly busy rejecting these allegations. “It is very clear that someone like that is no longer capable of office“, she said. So whether the Greens will go along with the opposition’s motion of censure on Tuesday if Kurz is not exchanged, she left open.

10.20: The Green Member of the National Council Michel reimon makes it clear in the morning on Facebook: “Kurz is no longer capable of office“With these investigations as a permanent burden, he cannot be Chancellor.” Since the People’s Party did not present an alternative, the Greens would now talk to the other parties, said Reimon.

Turquoise-green is probably history. Today, behind the scenes, we want to find out how things will continue in the republic. The opposition leaders hope that they will be able to win the Greens for a flying change, as this is the only way for a new government to have a majority in parliament.

A four party coalition with Pamela Rendi-Wagner as Chancellor and blue toleration is unlikely – in times of the pandemic you would be hanging on the belt of the corona skeptic Kickl, an expert government seems to be more conceivable.

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