Kuwaiti government revoked the driving license of 8000 expatriates The Kuwaiti government revoked the driving license of 8000 expatriates

Kuwait City: The Kuwaiti government revoked the driver’s license of 8000 foreigners who did not comply with the license conditions. According to estimates from January to June 2022, the licenses of 8000 foreigners and 50 Kuwaiti parents have been cancelled.

The General Directorate of Traffic revoked the licenses of Kuwaiti citizens due to poor eyesight and mental problems. In order to get a driving license for foreigners in Kuwait, the government will consider several factors such as the work they do, salary, profession, duration of visa and health.

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The system of voluntary cancellation of driver’s license of those violating the country’s rules was implemented through the coordination of the Ministry of Home Affairs with various departments. Driving licenses of non-resident students who have completed their studies and home delivery workers are among those that have been cancelled.

There are also reports that a new standard has been introduced for granting licenses to expatriates. Officials informed that the departments of General Traffic Directorate, Man Power Authority and Residency Affairs Department are playing a major role in this regard.

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Foreigners who are licensed by profession also have a mechanism to automatically cancel their license if their profession changes or ceases. These measures are aimed at reducing manipulation in the issuance of licences. The Kuwaiti government has indicated that the level of license distribution in 2022 will drop to 50 percent as regulations are tightened.

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