Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Jupiter at its closest point to Earth.. tomorrow

Al-Ajiri Scientific Center said that Jupiter will be at its closest point to Earth tomorrow evening, Monday, in a distinguished astronomical event for this year that has not been repeated since 1963.

The Director of Public Relations at the Astronomical Center, Khaled Al-Jamaan, said in a press release today, Sunday, that Jupiter, which is the largest planet in the solar system at all, will be brighter and relatively larger these days.

Al-Jamaan added that the sky is full of celestial bodies and satellites, which, when viewed from a distance, without using a telescope, give an initial impression that they are bright stars, but in fact they are not.

He pointed out that this period is considered one of the best days of the year for observing and photographing Jupiter, which forms its own system with its 80 moons that revolve around it, and it is the fifth planet in order in the solar system, in addition to that it is one of the guardians of the Earth due to its high gravity that hunts any celestial body. Heading to the ground.

He pointed out that Jupiter can be seen with the naked eye immediately after sunset in the east direction until dawn as it makes its way towards the west, and the scene will be clearer when using the devices and telescopes that will allow to see more details.


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