KVIFF 2023 | Jana Plodková: Dress by Beckham, wild hair and glasses

KVIFF 2023 |  Jana Plodková: Dress by Beckham, wild hair and glasses

2023-07-12 05:00:00

July 12, 2023 ● 05:00

Just like her acting colleague Hana Vagnerová (40), Jana Plodková (41) reviewed her 10 looks on camera over the last ten years at the Vary festival. As part of the 10th anniversary of the Elle Beauty Lounge boutique, she recalled her biggest fashion fads.

“I look quite young in this photo, you could say. I honestly don’t remember this outfit, I just remember the shoes. They lasted me a long time,” says Jana Plodková about the black outfit.

“I remember it very well, it was a year when I was the face of Elle Beauty Lounge and Jakub Polanka created several dresses for me. We did a beautiful photoshoot and this is the red carpet look by Jakub Polanka. My very favorite designer,” the actress commented on her red carpet dress.

“That was Victoria Beckham’s dress, I felt really good in it. I think I wore them on the occasion of the Möet Chandon charity toast, and I remember them thanks to the photo that I took a picture with Jiří Bartoška in them,” Plodková revealed.

“According to the hair, it was the work of Ivanka Tokarská, who prepared me for the evening event. Since I’m holding bubbles in my hand, it was Möet again and actually it was the silence before the storm of the party. Well, not that there was anything going on in the evening, but that was it. And I’m wearing a Jakub Polanka blouse again,” she revealed about her appearance with a fashionable hairstyle.

“It was the opening and I know that my look was tweaked by Lenička Kermes, who was working at Ella at the time, it is the black belt that connects me to Lenka Kermes. She tightened the dress with that belt,” explained the actress.

“This was such a lovely silk chiffon dress from the Valentino collection and I felt like a fairy in it. Overall, I really enjoyed the look, because after all, I think this is my color.” Jana said about the dress.

“This was apparently a Prada dress and I had a lot of fun because I have glasses from my partner Filip from his optical studio. I really enjoyed that these glasses completed the look very successfully,” Jana smiled over the original glasses.

“This is, of course, pure beauty, we went to photograph it for Elle with Benedikt Renč, then they took me and Ivonka to the hot roof of the Pupp Hotel. Hairstylist Tyl Marty lent me this wig and it was brilliant mainly because it was the wig that led to the discovery of Linda’s character in the film cupcakes,Plodková revealed about her wig.

“I remember that because it was again a charity toast. Honzík Pokorny and I chose this dress. Although Honzík said no, it’s a daily event, that I should wear something bright, but I felt so good in that dress, even with the swan on my chest… I just convinced him that it was the right dress and I think I did well,” she remembered a beautiful black dress.

“These dresses are from last year, which were created in collaboration with Zuzka Kubíčková and Honzík Pokorný. Honzík had the idea for this shiny material, inspired by Victoria Beckham when her son was getting married. I felt very nice, and I really enjoyed the pointy detail here.” said Plodková, pointing to her shoulder.

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Actress Jana Plodková.

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