La Kings League: «un regal brutal»

La Kings League: «un regal brutal»

“Today I am devastated. I can’t with my soul», laughs Aleix Massegú (Tordera, 1995). On Sunday he was proclaimed champion of the Kings League with The neighborhood and yesterday afternoon he was still wearing the commemorative jersey of the champions of this new tournament devised by Gerard Piqué and with twelve teams, chaired by streamers first order com Ibai Plains, Kun Agüero or TheGrefg. The league started on January 1 and three months later it made the Camp Nou vibrate, with 92,522 soulsand social networks, with more than two million followers in many moments of the final four. «The Kings League combines football and entertainment. And it has really caught the kids, young people, and also old people. They have had an incredible idea. More things happen, there is more intensity, more duels, more plays, and it makes it a lot more exciting for more moments”, says Massegú, today also a footballer and physical trainer of Tordera, of Segona Catalana, and yesterday quarry player Girona.

The player, yesterday at eight in the morning, was going to work as a teacher of a higher level of sports

He was one of the 120 chosen in a casting of more than 10,000 names: “Come into draft it was already one wow!. And everything that has come after has been indescribable.” Many come from the Third Federation and First or Second Catalana. At the Saiyansanother of the semi-finalists, there were two more Tordera players: Gio Ferinu and Feliu Torrus. The coach, Narcís Barrera, was the second coach of Ultimate Móstoles, chaired by DjMariio and opponent in the quarter-finals. “I didn’t sign up for the Kings League to get a Second A, because that is already a thing of the past, but to live the experience. Knowing the people behind it you knew it was going to be something big, top. But, of course, not to this point”, he admits. In the final they beat the Annihiladores (3-0) with a goal from Adri Contreras in the penalty president and a double from central Martín Mantovani, with more than 150 matches in the LFP. He was one of the 12th players in this edition, along with names like Joan Verdú, Víctor Sánchez, Chicharito Hernández, Javier Saviola or Ronaldinho.

The footballer from Tordera, with his arm raised, celebrating the victory. Marta Perez/EFE

Explain that there are moments this Sunday that doesn’t rememberof so much joy, emotion, intensity and tension: “I’m still in shock. When I think about it, I get goosebumps.” He hasn’t had time to unpack yet. He repeats in almost every answer that everything he has experienced “it’s crazy». On Sunday they asked him for photos and autographs. The Camp Nou impressed him more than the first time, as a child and with his uncle. «It is the best thing that has happened in my life. Definitely the best experience of my life. Because as a child you aspire to the dream of being a football player, but you stay on the road, you do not manage to reach either professional or semi-professional football, and now you are given this opportunity to be able to play not one game at the Camp Nou, but two and raise a glass is a gift. It’s been incredible, brutal. Now I can’t ask for more in life.” Reality had already made him give up the dream of stepping on the Camp Nou. On Sunday his partner, his parents and his friends watched him from the stands, as he admired a Rivaldo the Saviolas as a child He is already looking forward to the arrival of the second edition.

“It was incredible, brutal, knowing the people behind the Kings League knew they were going to do something big”


«Jo Today I got up at 8 am to go to work. And while I was in the car he said to me ‘a few hours ago I was playing at Camp Nou, but my life in the end is still the same as always’. Life goes on. It’s a pretty beastly parallelism”, he points out. “I am a teacher of Physical Education in a Higher Education degree in sports and we talked more about the Kings League than what was playing. They all saw the final four and the first thing they did was congratulate me. It has been a award more I am experiencing moments that I would never have imagined”, he smiles. Radiant, the dictionary falls short: “I don’t have adjectives. It was a pass. I wouldn’t know how to describe it.”


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