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One of the fundamental writers of the second half of the twentieth century was Italo Calvino, whose centenary will be celebrated in 2023: the National Library of Rome, led by director Andrea De Pasquale, has signed an agreement with Calvino’s heir, the daughter Giovanna, and has acquired books and furnishings from the house that the writer lived in in recent years, to rearrange the rooms in their own spaces (the inauguration will be on July 28).

The cover of «la Lettura» # 502 is signed by Alberto Biasi

In the new issue of «la Lettura», # 502, previewed on Saturday 10 July in the App (available on the App Store and Google Play) and from Sunday 11 July on newsstands, you can read the article by Vincenzo Trione, accompanied by an extensive photo shoot, which tells the artistic and aesthetic suggestions of the objects the writer surrounded himself with; with an article by Alberto Casadei on the cities that marked Calvino’s life. In addition, “the Reading” publishes the second view created for the supplement starting from theAtlas Calvin, the project conceived and directed by Francesca Serra, of the University of Geneva: a map of the places where the writer’s works are set, cities, woods, Turin, Paris, but also the Moon and the galaxy; with an article by Virginia Giustetto.

The “Reading” App, in addition to the new preview issue already on Saturday, it also offers the archive of all releases from 2011 to today. Those who wish also receive notifications from the editorial staff. And the weekly newsletter of the insert, which arrives via email on Friday (you can also subscribe from here), and remains accessible via the web for a week. The price of the subscription to the «la Lettura» App is € 3.99 per month or € 39.99 per year, with one week free. Furthermore, for those who subscribe, all the contents of the App can also be reached from the desktop, starting from this page (from which it is also possible to start the subscription). The App can be given as a gift by purchasing a Gift Card in Librerie.coop or from here.

In addition to this, in the “la Lettura” App– distinct from that of the «Corriere» in which the cultural insert is in any case available as early as Saturday – readers find every morning an extra digital focus only, the Theme of the Day. Saturday 10 July is the opening preview of the novel Stateless by the French-Indian writer Shumona Sinha (to be released on 20 July translated by Tommaso Guerrieri for Clichy Editions), which in the digital supplement (and from Sunday also on newsstands) is reviewed by Vanni Santoni.

If Calvino invented The invisible cities, how do other entities that are difficult to define, such as words, or spaces in our life, arise? On creative acts, on the origin of everything we say and handle, “the Reading”, in the new issue, offers a double analysis at the beginning: an essay by Giuseppe Antonelli on the invention of words (in times when new global terms), about who invented them and how they change; and the conversation of the architect Mario Botta with Aldo Colonetti, who is inspired by the book Traces of a school about the 25 years of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture (Mendrisio Academy Press / Electa), to discuss the “project” in architecture, its modeling between nature and culture. Furthermore, the fate of thegay faber and work in a digitized era is analyzed by Adriano Favole starting from the essay by Maurizio Ferraris (Documanità, The third); and on the thought of Gianni Vattimo, collected in the Philosophical and political writings (The ship of Theseus) reflects the philosopher Franca D’Agostini.

Many writers (and Nino Miglior speaks of “photography as writing”, interviewed by Helmut Failoni) and the books on the issue. German author Anne Weber wrote Annette, a heroic poem (Mondadori), in which he narrates the life of the partisan Annette Beaumanoir: they talk about it, together, in the conversation edited by Stefano Montefiori; among the books also the new Under the scythe by the American Jesmyn Ward (NN Editore) read by Cristina Taglietti; the new series of great authors for children from Solferino, of which Severino Colombo writes.

Two texts close the issue: Etgar Keret constructs a story about the invisible intersections between the opposite destinies of two women, in the same house. And Marcello Simoni (his the new one The prophecy of the lost pages, Newton Compton), reconstructs the history of the Ark of the Covenant and the intertwining of myth with the enigmatic figure of the Queen of Sheba.

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