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A year “in absence”, the year lived by actors, singers, athletes and teachers, professionals who work in front of the public (or fans, or students) and who, except for some brackets, have had to give up events since the beginning of the pandemic live. Their voices open the new issue of «la Lettura», # 486, from Saturday 20 March in preview in the App for smartphones and tablets, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, and in the web browser; from Sunday 21 on newsstands with the «Corriere».

In view of the World Poetry DayOn Sunday 21 March, «la Lettura» # 486 also hosts interventions dedicated to poets and poetesses: among these, the interview with Forrest Gander by Alberto Fraccacreta traces the portrait of a Pulitzer and environmental activist; while the poet Maria Grazia Calandrone and Maurizio Bonassina remember Alda Merini (1931-2009), who would have turned ninety on 21 March. The Theme of the Day is also on poetry, in the App of «la Lettura»: unpublished verses for Italy by Northern Irishman Paul Muldoon, with the translation and commentary by Fraccacreta.

In addition to the new issue of the supplement, the App of «la Lettura», distinct from that of the «Corriere» (in which the cultural insert is already available from Saturday), in fact offers every morning the Theme of the Day, an extra digital focus only. Not only that: the archive of all the issues of the supplement from 2011 to today is also accessible from the App: about 25 thousand articles that can be explored with an advanced search engine by date, theme, author and specific content categories (visual data, graphic novels, artist covers, charts). Those who wish also receive notifications from the editorial staff. And the weekly newsletter of the insert, which arrives via email on Friday (you can also subscribe from here), and which subscribers can also reach via the web in the following week. The price of the subscription to the “la Lettura” App is € 3.99 per month or € 39.99 per year, with one week free. Furthermore, for those who subscribe, all the contents of the App can also be reached from the desktop, starting from the page abbonamenti.time.news (from which it is also possible to start the subscription). The App can also be given as a gift by purchasing a Gift Card in Librerie.coop or from this page.

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The cover by Mario Dellavedova for «la Lettura» # 486

They return to the new issue, the opening debate, on the lack of a live audience, involves the actress Sonia Bergamasco, the comedian and trainer Enrico Bertolino, the poet and university professor Valerio Magrelli, the singer-songwriter Francesca Michielin and the high jump champion Gianmarco Tamberi, in a conversation by Paolo Di Stefano: they all explain the difference between face-to-face and online events, but not only. They reveal how important the eyes of the public (Bergamasco), or the reactions of the front row to modulate a satirical monologue (Bertolino), how a lesson has a dramaturgy (Magrelli), how difficult it is to face an empty concert hall (Michielin) and how much the “rhythm” of the fans is adrenaline for the race (Tamberi). They have different opinions on streaming events, between new possibilities and shortcomings; but they also tell the great difference that the public’s breath makes.

Many writers in the new issue. The Strega Sandro Veronesi award proposes a coming-of-age story in which he tells how the “thorn” of an evil received or done can be tolerated over time, but perhaps not forgotten; and he does so by narrating an autobiographical episode that includes a garden, a dog and above all a hedgehog. The story is a preview from the volume The wounds, in bookstores for Einaudi from 23 March, in which 12 important authors propose an original story, edited by Caterina Bonvicini: the proceeds from the book go to support Doctors Without Borders, the NGO winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. In the Norwegian crime writer Jørn Lier Host (The mystery of the clock, Salani), who writes of a perfect crime, entrusted to the night and the tide, in which it is nature itself that throws up the killer’s plans.

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