Leibl’e arrived this week for rest and estate, after being informed that the government had fallen and Bennett was going home to the fortress in Raanana. Leibl’e was delighted with the jokes they ran on WhatsApp that dramatic evening that caught him off course somewhere, in a country where you shouldn’t have her signature on your passport.

What added to Leibl’e’s joy was the fact that Minister Ayelet Shaked was updated on the whole dramatic move of Bennett and Lapid, just as she was participating in Tish in faraway Morocco.

Even before the overthrow of the government and after they submitted the lowering of the blocking percentage law, Leibl’e reached the gates of kindness for the engagement of Jonah Wiesel, Yaakov Asher’s assistant. Leibl’e was happy to see the most powerful grandson in ultra-Orthodox politics, Moti Palai, together with the party’s chairman, MK Moshe Gafni, discuss the possibility of a separate run.

Leibl’e also came to the Knesset, where he saw the leading political commentator in Israel, Amit Segal, who came to dissolve the Knesset with his sweet son, following the teachers’ strike. The two bought Bamba at the buffet.

The media man and MK Eichler’s adviser cooperated with Yisrael Beiteinu. The vehicle because the parking lot is too narrow. Feldman agreed and parked professionally. Who knows what future collaborations will grow between the parties.

And still in the Knesset, the hard-working foreign correspondent of Behadrei, Yankee Farber, longed to see up close how the Knesset was dispersing. He packed his personal computer and came to the Knesset of Israel to check and monitor. Farber met his favorite MK Israel Eichler and talked to him for a long time about some important issues.

And the local arena is not quiet either: after rumors of a long absence from the Bnei Brak mayor’s office, Leibl’e saw Rubinstein’s Chief of Staff – Dudi Finkel, arriving with the grandson of the late Maran Rabbi Kanievsky, Lightning. The grandson Shlomi accompanied him to R. Chaim’s grave, and Finkel prayed for two minutes mainly for the continuation of his tenure at the municipality and then the two continued on their way.

And the one who remains a faithful follower of his rabbi is the sage Menachem Lazer Mozes, who is so lacking in the landscape.

Speaking of Vizhnitz, this week Leibl’e saw the Rebbe’s son, Rabbi Yitzchak Yeshaya Hagar, running to an ATM at Bank Leumi on Hazon Ish Street.

This week, Leibl’e opened the free Yated Ne’eman newspaper on Tuesday, and sees an advertisement on page 3 at the beginning of the newspaper about a new book published on the “Education Facilitator” – by Rabbi Moshe Rotloi, the husband of the marketing director of Tzipi Rotloi It turns out that the book was written after hundreds of committees he gave to young men from the Ateret Yisrael yeshiva and in recent years in the book Minchat Hinuch.

In London, Leibl’e saw a man in the Queen’s Guard who resembled two drops of pus to former ombudsman Avichai Mandelblit.

At Zehava’s delicacies in Bnei Brak, Leibl’e saw the Rebbe of Shatz Ashdod checking kosher with Zehava’s salads. The Belza activist from the USA, Rabbi Reuven Chaim Weinberger and his son, also arrived at the place and received the Rebbe’s warm blessing.

From there, Leibl’e arrived at the world’s best Jewish food, Farkash’s delicacies, ‘and saw MK Simcha Rotman, together with Shas’ social activist Abrasha Ohayon, who revolutionized Bnei Brak, discuss the overthrow of the government.

Later, the media man Israel Cohen and the new media advisor of the future Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived – Topaz Look, who does not miss a single meal in Farkash.

From there, Leibl’e arrived at Hashmonaim 7 in Bnei Brak. And saw Channel 14 journalist Kobi Bornstein, romantic Mendel Rata and director Lior Tepper, wondering what the three sew together.

Rabbi Yaakov Herzog, a rabbi of Saudi Arabia, was seen at a Deitch restaurant in Mea Shearim eating his heart out for Jewish food that is not available in Saudi Arabia and also in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood.

In seven congratulations to the daughter of the editor of The Road, Avraham Dov Greenbaum, which was held for the residents of Jerusalem who did not go to Ashdod, Leibl’e saw a play he had never seen before: the British Lord Yitzhak Shapira – who had no doubt that he would replace Litzman And gardeners Isaac Goldknoff. The two posed for a joint photo with the happy owner, after not meeting for a long time.

Later, Leibl’e saw a special and historical discourse at the “Discourse of the Secret” where the celebration was held with the owner of the celebration, as well as the writer Israel A. Grobeis and Shimon Liberty who eagerly heard Goldknoff’s stories.

At the ‘Myth’ restaurant in Tel Aviv, Leibl’e saw a very, very interesting musical encounter this week: Arla Smet, composer and musician Benzi Stein, alongside the powerful man in the industry, producer Neta Levin, and “soul” conductor Itzik Fillmer.

Speaking of Smet, this week he bounced the hundreds of Hassidim at the great wedding held remotely to the groom Shimon Menachem Nahum Friedman, the younger brother of the Rebbe of Sadigura. Immediately after the wedding which ended late.

The singer Yoeli Davidovich, who never stops bouncing, was seen by Leibl’e at the Simchat Beit Nadborna, warmly blessed by the Rebbe after he danced and raised the participants one level, all in the exciting dance mitzvah.

The haredi public composers Naftali Kampa and Hezki Weiss were seen by Leibel at the wedding of the daughter of Yanki Orlansky, director of the Friends Choir.

At the big wedding last week to the late Shulam Fischer’s granddaughter, Leibel saw Shlomi Gartner who forgot the Shtreimel in London and tried to get a Shreimel from Shlomo Cohen when Narnana’s Spokide’s were out of the question.

At an elegant overseas wedding, Leibla met senior officials in the aviation and tourism industry who came to wish Mazal Tov congratulations to the ultra-Orthodox tourism consultant Dudi Rubinstein and his son-in-law Ibrahim Feldman of Big Ben Torres.

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz documented a trip from New York to Israel. Those who flew with him said that they very much enjoyed his simplicity when they saw the rabbi sitting with his wife in a regular ward. Later the rabbi took the lead when he began the morning prayer in front of the plane, which instructed the entire public that it was time for the morning reading of Shema.

The fresh groom of the Mea Shearim brigade, Yoelish Kreuss, was seen by Leibl’e taking off for a short vacation immediately after the engagement, after being in the country due to the corona plague.

Speaking of grooms, tonight is the biggest joy in the world of storks with the marriage of Bnei Nafha from the Nadborna storks and the CEO of the newspaper ‘De Wach’. The legendary ones who took all the money in the world of storks, and there is no weapon or a Hasidic guy who does not buy a shtreimel from them.

After a brief delay at the airport, which is probably a routine, Leibl’e boarded a short one-day flight to the city of Chisinau this week. After all, not every day one finds the tomb of the Kabbalist Rabbi Shabtai Marshkov. Participated in the journey, on the occasion of the day of rejoicing of the Tzaddik that took place this week, Hasidim and people of action, led by the energetic rabbi of Moldova, Rabbi Pinchas Salzman.

In a cemetery not far away, on the grave of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Beer, were observed the professional director Avraham Rechtschfer and Tziki Frenkel of the Mevasser newspaper, along with Moshe Roth Mitad and Dudi Bernstein, the publisher of JDN, alongside the new Haredi Itzik Brandwin of Channel 7.

In the cemetery, Leibl’e saw the strategist Nehemiah Rosenfeld, who led the journey together with his partner Hezki Schechter, accompanying Rabbi Pinchas Salzman.

In a moment of rest, Avraham Rechtschfer was seen from the forerunner giving a lesson to senior ultra-Orthodox journalists Israel Grobeis and Hanani Breitkopf.

Shabbat Square member Itzik Ohana was seen walking the streets of Moldova with the powerful man in the community, Dov Lev-Ari, who is in charge of liaison with the Ukrainian government.

In the evening in favor of ‘Ezra for the Healer’, Yossi Cohen, former head of the Mossad, was seen together with Rabbi Elimelech Firer, Chairman of the Help for the Healer, Haim Gitler, Rabbi Firer’s assistant and the medical activist Moishe Herman.

The photographer Shuki Lerer and the owner of the ‘B’Tselem’ was seen by Leibel on the beach in Tel Aviv when he arrives with his children to help a woman at home on Friday.

The photographer Avromi Berger was seen by Leibl’e at his regular place in Itzkovich, studying from the second day of the celebration of the salvation worker, the holy Rebbe of Zlatachov, who died six years ago and left the world of Hasidism mourning and dying.

And here’s a beautiful and moving story that came to the label: late Sunday night, photographer David Keshet was looking for a ride on his way to a restaurant near the city of Bnei Brak to quench his hunger. After a long time of not finding the right person for the ride, Keshet began walking on Jabotinsky Street toward the restaurant. After a few minutes of walking, a vehicle that passed by and saw him decided to stop. Keshet was surprised when after a few moments he recognized the hitchhiker as singer Itzik Eshel. A conversation developed between them about the photographer’s actions late at night, and he told Eshel about the hunger that had befallen him and the decision to go to a restaurant.

Eshel told him he would take him to a restaurant. After they arrived and ordered at the restaurant, the photographer wanted to pay for his order, but Eshel, as his name implies, decided to pay for it and refused to accept consideration for it. After eating together, Eshel brought him close to his home, while the two spoke words of encouragement to the soul. When Keshet got out of the car, Eshel agreed to a selfie with the photographer.

The Hasidic activist Isaac Fried, chairman of the Hidbraut administration, was seen as a Hassid before his rabbi is blessed by the elder of the Council of Sages of the Torah, Gershom Badani, in the joy of the marriage of the daughter of Hidbraut CEO David Tawfiq.

The Rebbe of Kalib arrived in the Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusalem this week to set a mezuzah and wish success in the new and beautiful vegetable store of his follower R. Yitzchak Isaac Kot.

In Shabbat clothes as a custom of Belza, Leibl’e saw Chaim Lazer Ponfeder, director of the popular group ‘Philpolitica’, write a letter in a Torah scroll entering the Belza court in Ashdod.

This week, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Hili Troper, toured the ‘Ale Sheikh’ organization on the occasion of Book Week and praised the special children and adolescents who connect to the world of reading.

And ahead of Shabbat, go and go, the ultra-Orthodox brother Yoel Schwartz was seen this week in preparatory talks for new ultra-Orthodox candidates for Shabbat Kodesh at Shalvata Hospital – Hod Hasharon.

And to the weekly good fortune corner

Congratulations to MK Israel Eichler on the occasion of the birthday of his grandson in Manchester, England, son of his son R. Meir Eichler, son-in-law of the Dahsidi Belza crowd in Manchester, R. Benjamin Leitner.

Congratulations to the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Haim Cohen, on the occasion of the grandson’s birth.

Congratulations to the media man Yossi Stark on the occasion of the birth of his second son at a good and successful time. Stark pampered himself at Assuta Hospital in Ashdod and thanked the ward staff for caring for the mother and baby with dedication.

Congratulations to Rabbi Yossi Kornik of Antwerp, one of the greatest Hasidic followers of the late Rabbi Penny Menachem of Gur, who was honored to celebrate his son’s marriage this week at a good and successful time. Of course the pictures are kept from being published.

Congratulations to Nati Kot from the office of MK Israel Eichler on the occasion of the daughter’s birthday at a good time.

Congratulations to the CEO of Ezer Mitzion Chaim Freund on the occasion of the joy of his son’s marriage, with the granddaughter of the Mashgiach Rabbi Dan Segal.

A warm and heartfelt congratulations to the chairman of an organization with one heart and the founder of the Krestir-Ramat Shlomo institutions, David Whitman, for the birth of a son at a good and successful time.

Leibl’e arrived this week to celebrate the engagement of the son of veteran activist Dudi Gleiberman. All who and who came to participate, including rabbis and rebbe, came to rejoice.

Congratulations to the Rebbe of Makhnovka in Alza, the important young man Shmuel Luria, on the occasion of his engagement to the daughter of the Rebbe, Rabbi Shimshon Bard.

Congratulations to the Vice President of Netiv Binyamin Institutions, Nati Bakshi from Jerusalem, on the occasion of the joy of his engagement at a good and successful time for the Ne’eman family from Beit Shemesh.

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