Labor immigration law approved in Germany

Labor immigration law approved in Germany

Berlin. In the statement, it was reported that many German companies have had serious difficulties in finding qualified employees for a long time, and that the qualified employee shortage is at the level of 1.98 million in 2022. „The lack of a skilled workforce affects many sectors and companies. The lack of skilled workers has become a risk to prosperity in Germany“ it was said.

According to the news in Bild; Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hubertus Heil, in his assessment on the subject, stated that securing a qualified workforce is one of Germany’s biggest economic tasks for the next 10 years. Heil said that with the new Skilled Immigration Law, they laid the foundations for a modern immigration country.

The new immigration law introduces a ‘point system’ for immigrants, in addition to various simplifications such as family reunification and recognition of professional qualifications. Language skills, professional experience, age and links with Germany are among the criteria taken into account when calculating the number of points.

What will change with the law?

With the ‘opportunity card’ application based on the points system, Germany is intended to be attractive to migrant workers coming from countries that are not members of the European Union (EU). According to the draft law approved by the Council of Ministers, it is estimated that 60 thousand workers from non-EU countries and 75 thousand workers in total will come to the country to work.

In the draft law, those who get at least 6 points from the determined criteria will be able to look for a job in Germany with the legal residence permit by getting the opportunity card.

A maximum of 4 points will be awarded per criterion. As an example of the highest score, the foreign work experience of the person outside his home country was shown. Those who speak German well will receive three points, those aged 35 and under will receive 2 points, and those who speak English will receive one point. (


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