Laboratory for user testing of public services opened in Russia

Deputy Prime Minister – Chief of Staff of the Government Dmitry Grigorenko opened the first two user testing laboratories, in which citizens will evaluate the ergonomics of public services and the comfort from their use, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

One laboratory is intended for citizens, the second for companies and government officials. Both operate on the basis of a government think tank. They will test the services of government bodies, including the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Property Management Agency and other departments.

The tests involve the use of bio-bracelets and electroencephalographs to record a person’s reactions to services. In particular, the activity of the brain and nervous system will be investigated.

In general, testing one service will take about two weeks, the government said. According to the test results, the procedure for obtaining it can be adjusted. Recommendations on how to improve the algorithm will be sent to the relevant executive authorities.

Laboratory specialists will also form expert proposals on changing the regulatory framework, if any are required to change the procedure for obtaining public services. They plan to test both new and existing government services in the existing laboratories.



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