Labriola (Tim), working on the new industrial plan. Thanks to technicians and call center operators –

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Tim’s new CEO, Pietro Labriola, is already at work on the new industrial plan that will arrive in the board of directors on 2 March to give birth to NewTim, as he defines it himself. Mouth still sewn on the contents but some indications also come from the messages received by the CEO from the same employees that he mentions in a video sent to all the staff of the group.

From colleagues in fact Labriola says he has received suggestions on how we can improve: transparency of tariffs, improvement of service quality, segmented offer for young people. But also the development of new services. Together we have clear ideas that we can certainly improve. And this is a very important starting point. Also because – admits the CEO – there is no doubt that the situation is certainly not simple. Also thanks to a fragmented market, the Italian one, in which the war to lower tariffs greatly erodes the margins of many operators. But a novelty on the composition of the audience of players emerges in these days: the risk of Tlc in Italy could soon see the birth of a new subject: Iliad aims to merge the Italian activities with Vodafone, creating a group that would control about the 36% of the mobile telephony market and would focus on annual revenues of 6 billion.

The news of the possible agreement anticipated by Reuters and bounced on national newspapers would find its matrix from the need to respond to the growing competition in telephony on tariffs but also to prepare for Tim’s plan to separate the network and the service company that would upset the balance of the sector. Iliad in Italy closed the third quarter with revenues up 21% to 207 million. Customers exceeded the 8 million mark at the end of September, with 345,000 new customers in the third quarter. Vodafone closed the semester as at 30 September with revenues from services at 2,187 million euros (-2.5% year on year but with a constant improvement of 6.4 percentage points in the semester). Among Labriola’s “personal” notes, the ad offers in video message to Tim’s workers an unprecedented detail to most people: my mother worked for years as a call center operator in Tim, my mother worked in service 12, service 10. So I would like to say a few words especially for our call center operators and network technicians. As a son, I know what it means to have a mother who works 9: 00-12: 00/15: 00-18: 00, 15: 00-22: 00, 14: 00-21: 00. At Christmas, on New Year’s Eve, and the same thing for the technicians. Then the encouragement: we are one team and together we will be able to change our company.

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